Macro – text advertising communication

VOGATE Vocabulary Gate, which means the information between the lines — through the door open, unlimited business opportunities for your world.

VOGATE (, the spread of macro Chinese is headquartered in Shanghai, ELC media group and British kasion capital technology fund in Chinese wholly owned subsidiary, is a leading global Internet technology has a number of professional advertising group, is committed to providing the highest quality advertising for domestic advertisers and web media solutions. In the virtuous cycle of rapid growth, create more revenue for advertisers and web sites.

VOGATE text advertising to strive for perfection, create the best interests of consumers, advertisers, media and website:
– for consumers: open a new horizon of consumer information.
– for advertisers: active search and positioning the target consumers, effectively improve the precise profit.
– for the website media: respect any original website design, website development complete new profit space.

website resources comprehensive development: VOGATE is a new advertising model, and the complete development of the web page new resources. Any "text" and "space" on the website can become a source of income, providing a new profit growth space for the cooperation website.

effective website content extension: VOGATE gentle unique release form, the VOGATE advertising has become a value-added information content of the page, visitors in reading the body of the page at the same time, can also get other important information related to the content on the web site for the extension, gentle and effective, for the visitor, this is a new and comfortable experience.

the same advertising revenue opportunities: website, regardless of the size of both categories, can join, become synchronization with other large sites of VOGATE family members. Service and support:

innovative website promotion plan: cooperation website advertising can not only obtain surplus income, further selection will profit reinvestment to website promotion plan, to obtain greater access.