Executive power is the basic reason of Wangzhuan million

I do Wangzhuan more than two years of time, but also know a lot of friends in the industry, a lot of guys often consult me which project, which project to make money, here I want to say, no execution, good project is also no good


1) Taobao off OK? Well, well! Low threshold, high commission, integrity is strong, flexible way to make money! But there are several? About 3% of the people to make money, is this number. What is the reason, not the project is not good, nor do not know how to do, is not have insisted, did not insist every day every day just propaganda, insist on watching accounts have no silver, ha ha, not propaganda how to


is Wangzhuan action amount you said you! Do not make money, I just want to ask you to write a few article, there are 50? Did you have a number of posts in the forum, pure human post, there are 50? How much you have joined a QQ group, there are 50? How much you exchange links. 50? No! No! As long as you finish the work, each month will more than 1500 yuan in revenue, is very stable! Sure!

2) sell the net good? Good, very good! CPA tenure, the registration of a lifetime, as long as you have one hundred love shopping membership, every time his shopping behavior you can make money, not how good, as long as you can accumulate. But some people still don’t make money! The reason is very simple, focus on propaganda is no more than thirty days, to propaganda, don’t care! Did you have you whenever and wherever possible publicity, online and offline promotion, you have every minute of publicity, you have to help mobilize people around you, but propaganda? Others continued to do so, you say who is making money


3) CPC OK? Well, of course, is a point of money. But a lot of friends, half the time is in doubt, doubt the integrity of others, doubt their page optimization is not good; or complain, complain that deduction amount too much, people complain about advertising is not attractive. The same pattern of the same advertising alliance, why people will make money, why don’t you think, they also spend a lot of time doubts and complaints? Impossible, and there is no doubt about the money, only a lot of traffic flow, a large amount of publicity, more publicity, every moment the propaganda, immediately right now! To promote it,

to make money!