nternet entrepreneurship is not important, how to make good use of people is the most important

was born a lot of wealth myth in the Internet, let the Internet business heat continues to heat up, and there were many entrepreneurial topics on the Internet, including the Internet last year thinking, this year NPC and CPPCC "Internet plus", and the popular "outlet" theory, overnight, it seems that as long as to seize the Internet outlet, I actually equal to anything. The Internet, for entrepreneurs, is just a channel, a marketing tool, if the emphasis on the concept, ignoring the role of people, even give you a "cloud", it is difficult to have as. Therefore, the most important thing is to make good use of the Internet, people, of course, this person has multiple meanings.


Lenovo founder Liu Chuanzhi will be integrated into the management of the management of the three elements of management – build team, set strategy, with the team". The three elements, people occupy a dominant position, and now the Internet business is the "team building" agree without prior without previous consultation, used on the Internet is the formation of the team, "strategy" is a good business plan, "with the team" is to have the core business, Ali Ma, Ma Teng, Tencent, Baidu Robin Li, tiger millet lei…… These Internet bigwigs are the company’s leaders and soul. So, want to do poineering work in Internet, the first element of "people", is the team is very important, the core team is very important, the team goal is very important, in a word, personal entrepreneurial success is a very difficult thing, want to be successful, need to "people" cooperation, must have at least a few close comrades


millet successful experience of a lot of people say is bigger and stronger millet with Internet, and Lei Jun has said in a speech today, millet has the advantage, is a collection of "Tongrentang, sea fishing, the advantage of WAL-MART", specifically, millet will be Tongren genuine, word-of-mouth marketing sea fishing, WAL-MART’s low margin high efficiency magic together, from millet who can see the three companies of the shadow, but it is completely different, the successful experience of any entrepreneur will not come out of thin air, are based on careful study on previous experience, and then boldly to innovation. Here that the "people", is the study of people, Confucius said, "the three of us are walking together, there must be my teacher!", a man with an open mind to learn, always actively learn from others advantages, learning is not only the experience of their predecessors, learning from the opponent is also a good opportunity for the rapid development of their own. Therefore, in order to succeed in the Internet business, the need to learn from the people to learn the habit of lifelong learning.

by Lenovo story, Lei Jun’s speech, we know that these bigwigs in the entrepreneurial process cannot do without the "people", but also make full use of the "human" master, I said, this "person" has multiple meanings, in addition to the two most important meaning, there is a "person", the is the user.

said the user, recently saw an interesting news, is about Ma Yun, the news report said, "Ma Yun will be held in May 20th, the first global women’s conference"