Yu Minhong New Oriental listed the most happy is the entrepreneurial skills aside practice

Sina Technology Li finishing report

completed at the Peking University global innovation and entrepreneurship students center ceremony, Peking University Alumni Yu Minhong around New Oriental entrepreneurial experience and recent insights, describes the thinking about entrepreneurship and entrepreneurial quality.

because of the recent rain doctor founder Zhang Rui died of myocardial infarction, caused the business circles a lament and discussion, entrepreneurial stress and mental health concern.

as a well-known entrepreneur, Yu Minhong through the review of New Oriental entrepreneurial experience, as well as the recent business environment and the new phenomenon of thinking, summed up the success of their own entrepreneurial experience.

one hand he believes that entrepreneurship is like a long drive, all sorts of problems, new challenges, how to treat these emergencies is necessary in the process of entrepreneurial experience, but also an important way for entrepreneurs to grow. On the other hand, said that success is a Kung Fu in the outside things, entrepreneurs need to broaden their horizons, enlarge the pattern, have a more overall grasp and understanding of entrepreneurship.

for the following Yu Minhong’s complaint: (after adding the title)

these two days, everyone in the business community is the most popular thing is the spring rain doctor Zhang Rui died because of myocardial infarction, causing everyone to discuss the pressure of entrepreneurship.

business can not be quick

this thing is really with us this year to encourage young entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs themselves in front of a career driven, investors have to follow behind, tired, very tight; and now the entrepreneurial environment for instant success, anxious mentality of the Department of day will be successful. I have a lot of entrepreneurs to deal with, have a sense of physical and mental fatigue, especially the degree of psychological tension, the entrepreneur has been more difficult to bear the state.

When the original

government to encourage innovation and entrepreneurship, I think this is a good thing, but when the public slogan of entrepreneurial innovation peoples shout out, become a slogan or sports, I am afraid in what Chinese is a movement.

entrepreneurship and innovation of these two things is undoubtedly great, because any country, any enterprise or group if left of entrepreneurship and innovation in the spirit of the two, then there is no doubt that there will be no vitality, no progress, no breakthrough, no subversion, no growth.

rational entrepreneurship, rather than follow the trend of entrepreneurship

but when we put entrepreneurship and innovation into a sentence everyone shouting slogans, that regardless of population, regardless of population, when all the flicker to the channel in years, it has formed many problems.

The first problem with

is the waste of resources. The government invested a lot of resources, our so-called entrepreneurs achieve success and win recognition invested a lot of time and energy. In fact, entrepreneurship is a regular, you put in the number of resources, entrepreneurial growth has time, air and environmental constraints. We have seen in the past two years, in