Who told you about, the venture investment and financing in ten a.

Abstract: from BP, BP to write on how to choose their own investors, investors and how to grasp the rhythm of negotiation, financing, financing plan, 10 details to help entrepreneurs and investors to communicate as soon as possible to get the financing cost.


in addition to entrepreneurs themselves, investors should be the most understanding of the hardships and loneliness of entrepreneurs. Entrepreneurship is currently on the air, but the business itself has not become easier. From the strategic plan to expand into financing to recruit people, unavoidably have to pipe.

efficiency is the eternal pursuit of the direction of the whole human society, and in ten the answer can help some entrepreneurs make financing more efficient.

NO.01 how to write BP?

BP should be the first step on the venture financing, a good BP may bring you more chance roadshow, but BP is not a factor in financing the turnover rate, so it is an awesome BP cannot determine your fate of financing.

BP subtext is concise and clear, don’t spend too much time on fancy UI, of course, if you need to show your entrepreneurial projects rigorous attitude and UI strength, then go ahead.

BP format: PDF only. If you are using word to write BP your success probability of reaching the zero financing (only for non traditional industry business). Of course, there are PPT, Excel, brain maps, etc., and finally hope that we turn him into PDF and then sent to investors.

BP content: in principle, BP can be written in great detail (see Listing prospectus of listed companies), but since it is in the Internet era of entrepreneurship, the basic user thinking or to have. BP’s audience is a group of investors who seem to be busier than the prime minister, do you think they have time to see a BP of more than 20 pages?.

The content of BP can be divided into nine parts as follows:

after the initial screening of

overview, markets, products, models, competing products, data, forecasts, teams, financing

is really enough to streamline, but I think it is not enough.

first of all, according to the different direction of entrepreneurship, to show the focus of investors is different, we need to direct these core points of expression. Then the contents of the world to the group of high intelligence investors themselves to YY can give investors imagine space.


1.O2O entrepreneurship, differentiation in the market segmentation, pattern differentiation and team differentiation.

so, in principle, BP introduces market segments and users (more about presentation, without introduction of market capacity), patterns, teams, and one page