How to share Shanghai dragon website snapshot knowledge analysis

The importance of

, most of the time we can how important human judgment to an article or a piece of news for our industry, perhaps we can not describe how important this article or news, but we can be compared with the industry, other articles and news in general, we the judgment can bring us the result, the result basically can meet the requirements of the love of Shanghai. Because most of the time our home page may have only updated the title of the article shows, so we need to do some articles from the title above, let us look to the title of "cool" point, as long as the content of this article, we can appropriate to our title content increase component, such as a construction of the website updated news, basically is with building related, the same article, "XX building, 560 meters tall today to start" and "the future first > XX

through the construction of the content to keep your home page snapshot of the "fresh", or in other words, we should update what might be love Shanghai? In fact, the principle is very simple, one is the importance of a fresh feeling.

snapshot update has been a lot of Shanghai dragon ER and individual owners are a topic of concern, the fact that the site does not need to love Shanghai snapshot we put too much energy on it, because as long as you every day to do some useful work, or do not need to do something every day, ah hard, a snapshot of the site will then update.


website update snapshot of the Shanghai love is actually very simple, when love when you think of Shanghai website update the important content, or more precisely should be, you can update the contents of the web page, seen by users, if there is love in Shanghai approved content to update, as long as the site. The love of Shanghai snapshot will update, if not, then obviously love Shanghai will think you "no update" and return to your 304 code, the 304 return yards, sometimes is not because you don’t have to update, but your update content has not been recognized by the Shanghai love.


The principle of

a lot of Shanghai dragon Er bosses and customers may be more concerned about the snapshot date, because once a snapshot of the site ten and a half months is not updated, this site is likely to exist some problems. So how to make your own website snapshot always love Shanghai new date

When you ?

is a very simple method, that is the snapshot complaints, but snapshot complaints have a very awkward situation, in general, the snapshot complaints can only take you website snapshot date update will not be updated snapshot of your web page, that is to say, "you get a snapshot look, it was before the web page, and not your snapshot shows the date of" situation. Of course, the complaint is not a long-term solution, the wolf story also applies here.