Four hundred million brush face tens of billions of capital hunting…… n addition to a short vid


brand promotion on the use of these strokes, in July activities reduced by 500-1000 yuan,

this from another angle shows a short video platform Chinese story of the bottom of the social worker, a fire in the dispute, the amount of users in 2016 reached 300 million. It is reported that the latest official data – is this: the user of 400 million users daily living more than 50 million, more than 5 million daily upload video, and for three consecutive years as the first domestic mobile app traffic.

yesterday March 23rd, and quickly to the industry production of a big news, $350 million financing arrival.

global youth culture voice vice China, a documentary "within reach" to help Edison Chan return to public view, than quick content, high style to watch is fast >

on the other hand, the micro Tencent launched in 2013, officially closed in April 10, 2017, ending with the user cannot reverse the media, peers, sigh sigh: Ma Huateng "8 second video" attention has not been able to give it good luck, in others like a raging fire, it quietly down.

beautiful scenery, decadent decadent


a trend: vertical + professional

short video experience frenzied capital competition, many game player, financing news as one falls, another rises but not everyone, can produce satisfactory activity figures, a different outcome is expected.

in recent years, and then kept almost every round of speed, investors from early to later Morningside capital, Sequoia Chinese cultural industry fund, DCM, more attracted to the giant sh419, Tencent financing. Li Zhaohui, managing partner of the Tencent investment round lead investor said, optimistic about the worker team, but also boast they have deep technical accumulation and the excellence of the product.

The domestic famous search engine company sh419 will soon be accused of court. The reason for his music and sh419 digital "enemies" is the sh419 PPC service……

Lawson digital to sue sh419

the famous search engine company sh419 is accused in court.

The reason

Lawson digital are engaged in the business of online sales of digital products. Because it is a newly established company, in order to allow Internet users to find their own websites as soon as possible, Le digital began to participate in sh419’s ppc.

The difference of

"we website statistics of the click rate often statistics and sh419 have serious error." Gong Jun immediately to reporters produced July 19, 2005 and July 18th statistical report data.

in the statistical statements on sh419.

is interesting, would give up the strategic micro Tencent, has become a quick round of financing led investment – "I play this social 6, a short video of the heart is absolutely dead".

side of the vulgar without limit a contemptuous disregard while watching the funny video, deliberately placed to stop shooting, most people watching their contribution in this self contradiction, some people mood.according to platform brush face seeking attention for money, there are a few Internet technology elite circle Master prides itself in its fire, to break through the sky said, hey? Heard for the first time.

capital so generous layout, indicating that the development of short video is more rapid than expected. 2016 was a capital year for short videos. Data show that from 2016 to March this year, the domestic various types of short video related projects financing scale reached 5 billion 370 million yuan.

is nearly 10 billion capital hunting Market: some people sitting on 400 million users, has been sadly closed, and……