Cement mouse how to succeed Wangzhuan shareForeign lead, the courage to break through is king

3., this method has a small number of domestic operations, some people who bid for regrets, sh419 policy changed, check strict, in fact, it does not understand this method. A friend is using this method to do their own whitening products, links to jump to the page if the policy induced, this method may not have made the sh419 page review, but what are the redirection fix, the friend with this method every day can be 1-2 per single product.

some time ago to a customer in the optimization of the web site, met a thing, let me not forget for a long time, the thing I want to make friends to speak, especially to tell new friends to listen to.

when I checked his website why so slow, the problem is found, the reason is to put a lot of external links on the website home page, link with the color of the background color as "so look not to come out, I was through the webmaster found him do the expert station". After understanding, the original "expert" to the customer site to FTP never tell the customer information, the expert secretly at the customer site to add some of his own links and deceive customers earn ill-gotten gains! Because most customers do not have what network experience, do not manage their website, so, website maintenance by the expert, the expert is a make, make a lot of money.

many foreign lead promotion experts often have a weakness, which is to deal with advertisers investigation. Each month odd number operation 1000-2000 knives, fortunately, but some of the master’s quantity is relatively large, one day promotion quantity more than this number, so easy to cause advertisers investigation, many people helpless.

is a by the good faith management, one is cheating on the integrity of business management, money is the conscience money, take much money to take much money, do not make more profit. Making money by cheating customers may then will earn some, but when customers have a day to know the truth, then the business will be short-lived business, also lost dignity and wise friends should know whether to do business or do Wangzhuan must have a principle, a conscience, a moral the bottom line, can not earn HeiXinQian, earn the moment, it also earned a world title.

so I think Wangzhuan wants to succeed, must be in good faith, law-abiding, advise those who want to send ill-gotten gains counterparts, only abandon thoughts and opportunistic, bluff and deceive trick, Wangzhuan road to success.

The most common case of

is that some friends’ LP pages are induced, and this policy is not allowed in the advertiser’s policy. LP afraid to provide real advertisers deduction amount, more difficult to provide false deception, because the wide business is able to view the antecedents, so many friends have been stuck in here, this is a bottleneck, a lot of people in the industry. But don’t worry, not here there is a perfect solution, this said implementation steps, novice friends may seem more difficult, the veteran can look carefully and consider the implementation of this technology, only one or two days time for ordinary programmers can realize:

that is 09 years in October, I began to do site optimization from the 05 year, when there is often the main site for me to help them optimize the site, a Hebei Langfang local station to find me at the time, asked me to give him a website optimization, I opened his website, website open speed relative to a high quality site speed is very slow, I asked him: where is the website space, he said do not know, I asked him: where is the domain name application, he was shaking his head. This makes me very depressed, after I asked again to know his site is to spend two thousand yuan to find someone to do, I asked the FTP website username and password, he still does not know, and finally understand, after he spent two thousand yuan on this site to do, he do not put FTP at the the information told him.

of course, this method can also make guest Taobao and Tmall, the effect is very good, in this card master friends can come and exchange boats.

after this thing, causing some of my thoughts, I think either do Wangzhuan or do business, we all have a common goal, that is to make money. Some people make money in good faith and the principle of transparency, but some people around the Bush, hide, do some think small action earned a seamless heavenly robe, a heixinqian.

1., according to the background judgment, open the promotion link is normal visitors or advertisers, if the gap can be judged as advertisers, this is self-evident.

well, knowledge of today’s foreign Wangzhuan to share here, the foreign interest can go to my blog Wangzhuan boats www.leadpeixun learning, I will regularly update the article. Have intention or has started operation of a friend can add me consultation or discussion on foreign Wangzhuan, in addition to welcome the month over US $master to discuss cooperation, the real strength of boats you will know after I communicate, later I will continue to share more exciting foreign Wangzhuan experience for everyone.

I’m flying, long time no see you, the twinkling of an eye to 2014, every member of the team and boats on behalf of the studio to say hello to everyone!

2. of the two non blank and blank antecedents for different redirection, jump to the normal blank antecedents LP page this LP only to cope with the advertisers investigation, no other effect, non blank antecedents to jump to the real advertising promotion page, so you can easily circumvent censorship, but did not affect the promotion effect.