Three types of enterprise web applicationsShare account before applying for a foreign alliance

at present, network marketing has gradually become the main means of marketing enterprises, methods on network marketing and products for new network marketing a multitude of names, the enterprise may feel puzzled. "Just invested in the website, and now to do promotion, the site seems to have not played a role, they have to invest?"" Enterprises can not help asking questions. Enterprise website is the carrier of business information, is the basis of network marketing, network marketing theory seems complicated, but to sum up is composed of three parts: one is to allow customers to find, two is to attract customers, three are able to retain customers. As the basis of network marketing, enterprises should take full account of these three issues when setting up websites.

1, the low cost of construction site

the contact of small and medium-sized enterprises, their network marketing costs by the website construction and website promotion is composed of two parts, the proportion is 2:8, if they have a budget of 10 thousand yuan, the cost of the construction site is only 2 thousand yuan, and 8 thousand yuan for the website promotion. What’s more, most of them do not separate the budget of online marketing from those of traditional propaganda, usually together, thus further reducing the cost of website construction. Website promotion is more important than website construction, which is a proper choice for small and medium enterprises. Usually small and medium-sized enterprises will choose to join the industry portal VIP members, this includes both the website construction services, but also access to industry portal promotion services, more convenient and save trouble.

2, for the website design and text content requirements is not high


In front of

1. domain name information

3. foreign phone questions

for some junk alliance, the phone is not very useful, at most is also receiving a pin code, but for some good industry alliance, phone verification is very normal, especially now in vogue in cheating, so at the beginning of application before the first look at the League account, you have to apply for.

foreign Wangzhuan this line all understand a truth, a company’s account, then half a foot has entered a monthly income of thousands of knife gate, the rest is by their own efforts. Although a bit exaggerated, but also in line with the basic foreign lead situation. Foreign Adsense is notoriously difficult to cause a lot of approval, but the approval, actually is not to grasp the details of everyone, in a hurry to build a blog, and then to apply for union account, which is obviously very difficult to pass the. Please ensure that the following points are correct before you apply for the union account.

2. domain name mailbox problem

domain name information must be consistent with the information intended to apply for account contacts, so before you apply for an account, make sure you have a SSN information that is appropriate to apply for an alliance account. Then the domain name information, all modified contacts, is modified to correspond to the SSN. PS:Godaddy often has unsuccessful information changes, so I’d recommend using NameCheap, and NameCheap will give a year’s domain privacy protection service.

many foreign alliances in the account application requirements, specify the domain name for non email mailbox refused, I do not know some people are not reading the relevant policy, a lot of people directly use Gmail to apply, so it can not be denied. At present we used the domain name mailbox is the corresponding services provided by Gmail, but as I said earlier, set the Gmail domain mail is really not small, anyway, I set up the no less trouble, then I directly with the Namecheap domain name + recommended in my blog space, is quite convenient, about set the specific methods in this blog to two products as an example to provide graphic tutorials. The other is the domain name you may set the mailbox, this mailbox is not commonly used, in order to avoid missing the mail, you open email forwarding, forwarding to your other mail such as , a little attention to this time, don’t put your mailbox open automatically reply and so on, think about why.

after a period of study, I believe that we have been able to set up a English own blog, the next time, we will launch related content of foreign lead follow-up, for you today is about applying for a foreign account before alliance.