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in May this year, the English name "Evernote" company strong entry into China and launched the impression notes, accompanied by its access to China’s broadband industry fund investment up to $70 million investment. The seemingly tepid cloud notes market, whether there will be a ripple? In fact, before landing China impression notes, Qihoo 360 has been quietly under the cloth FIT cloud notes and two pieces, while another cloud notes product light notes to get angel investment at the beginning of this year, and is expected to complete the A round of financing in the end, there will be more capital investment money to

for high-end users first

"isn’t coffee bitter?"

"of course, the coffee made from fresh coffee beans has the flavor of origin and variety.". For example, the beans in our krypton space will probably be renewed in 1 months, and it will take 4 months for the Starbucks to be used up."

, according to an interview with Nandu journalists, found that "impression notes" in China currently only support sharing notes via e-mail to others. While abroad, Evernote is free to use e-mail, IM, chat software, forums


, if you have such a cup of coffee at hand, to tell you the truth, I’m too lazy to go to Starbucks.

is retained in the origin of flavor at the same time, through different methods of baked beans, let the coffee best taste, such as different sweetness, sour plum, dark chocolate and cookies and milk taste, after taste."


Nandu reporters can not meet the official requirements of the impression notes, only through interviews and analysis to restore the "elephant"".

"do you have any fresh coffee?"

"what’s the advantage of doing this?"

coffee can be divided into two broad categories: commercial coffee and excellent coffee. The most fundamental is the difference between the coffee beans." She said, "fine coffee production is not very high, such as your hand the cup of espresso, raw material is produced in Columbia, Brazil, Sidamo and other blended beans, not only the origin of restrictions, from planting, baking beans acquisition and processing method and have strict quality control."

"exotic" impression notes are fans affectionately known as "elephant", because the impression notes with a green head of the elephant as a symbol. Now the "elephant" first, quickly connected to the ground gas: get a huge amount of investment to build Tian, the localization of the small team, also in collaboration with Alipay, UC. The bigwigs "guide", notes the impression made with modified resourceful, the situation of local Chinese.


as a frequent Sino US investor, Lightspeed director of MI group work efficiency very seriously, in his mobile phone, cloud notes Evernote is a good helper to improve work efficiency. "It’s a fire abroad," he told reporters in Nandu. "In Japan, you have published more than 30 books to teach you how to use it."."

cloud notes aimed at not the vast number of "cock wire", but wearing a suit and tie, talk about the efficiency of the business crowd

tasted it once, and I wanted to soak you up…


Venture Street krypton space and more recently a cast iron bar, logs collocation style, semi open operation, a coffee machine new and beautiful porcelain, the name of coffee beans, a nice gloss in a glass jar. I had a vanilla latte in my hand, and I wanted to chat with the coffee girl.

Starbucks bitter your tongue, good coffee can be sweet

investors believe that every day active users have more than 100 thousand of cloud notes, capital will pay more attention to

but, impression notes are very "in international communication on strong", the requirements of domestic media in an interview report must be "exclusive", that is "not the impression notes and other brands on the same page or the same report". The person in charge of the media interpretation of reporters in Nandu is facing the domestic environment, there are a lot of users is difficult to distinguish between different products in different cloud notes. "We don’t let users misunderstand even if we miss good coverage.". There is no way we can compensate for the difference between impression notes and other products by making up for work."

"of course not.". This cup of coffee in your hand is 10 times better than that of Starbucks."

a cup of coffee,

• use free mode to do enterprise users, enterprises will feel that cloud notes this tool is not reliable, it is better to customize

"tastes really good," these days, this is located in the vicinity of the regional space krypton coffee import space, People are hurrying to and fro., almost everyone has got a cup of coffee "krypton", "but what is the difference between it and Starbucks?" I asked for coffee girl.

"Guojianglong" strong

of course not. You must have drunk a lot of Starbucks before." I nodded "Starbucks is the use of large quantities of commercial coffee, picking time does not make a distinction, and almost all of the most severe baking, you do not drink fresh beans and the original flavor, taste can remember only bitter. Most people drink coffee, although it is mainly for refreshment, might have been carefully, but when you drink coffee, can still taste the difference."