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Spring Festival, the Internet has been a phenomenal topic: Papi sauce by directed and starred in a short video overnight in the United States took root, the number of fans reached 989 thousand, the average daily amount of play after reaching 150 thousand, the opening of the WeChat, micro-blog and other platforms, WeChat reading article 100 thousand +, micro-blog fans have done 5 million 300 thousand – a month ago, this number is 2 million, the fire of remarkable Papi sauce. And Papi sauce together with the fire, as well as Ercoli Lee, Luo Xiuxiu and other short video grassroots star, the United States to shoot video playback, breaking 10 million of users over 4000. It is easy to conclude from these phenomena that short video entrepreneurship opportunities have come.

content is not a new industry, but an industry that is activated by mobile internet. Whether it is the Internet or mobile Internet, the basic business models are: get users, take up time, provide content, connect services four steps. PC Internet is not without content consumption, but can not rely on content to make money, there is no industrialization. The mobile Internet era, content production is more and more low threshold, consumer demand and realization mode is very diverse, the formation of industry and growing prosperity, in 2015 it was pointed out that the content of entrepreneurship to the golden age.

the master we don’t say, we say that for Taobao customers personally and certainly method can earn money, due to limited air force veteran lack of self-confidence, so long as the first earn money can only be given us strong energy, see the money only to keep up the energy, seemingly tacky and realistic view.

look back over the past few years, the first wave of mobile Internet content creators should be "self" in the media, micro-blog, WeChat, or other social networking platforms, today’s headlines and media clients do content, many of them earn a bowl full of pots, especially from the media, fashion and other areas of the car. Where is the next wave of content startups? The popularity of short video stars like Papi sauce, Ercoli Lee and Luo Xiuxiu reflects a new opportunity: video startups.

compared to graphics and text, video reading cost is lower, suitable for fragmentation of consumption scene, not afraid of interruption. Video is more intuitive, richer information, easier to achieve funny, touching, sensational many effects, these are the video itself has some advantages, why video content entrepreneurship now fire,

content entrepreneurship is the mainstream trend,

network, more money is central, and is a very fashionable trend, young people are the most potential consumption of talent group, you don’t notice me would make a 70 year old woman will trust can buy goods on the Internet, anything can be learned by the use of Taobao computer is a spectacle, so really in the network on a small amount of the purchase of goods is that these people, 2030 years old, every day in the network, follow the trend of avant-garde fashion can receive the purchase of goods this thinking in the network, the crowd positioning well, read here, if you don’t know this you’d better go to the chat room for a look at the overseas development, popularity reaching a others to hang up all night squeeze up situation you say how many people? The first few pages of each city are thousands of chat People online at the same time, the best promotion here is to promote Taobao off the Adult supplies, because these people need, rushed to the afternoon and midnight, the man is quite much, about the group chat room can be a lot of people say that the old, but you’d better test in saying so, don’t ask new or not, you ask not earn money, money is king, I master a month only a nominal expenditure can more than 3K, some details about the simple description, sending time IP you can go to sh419 search free VPN proxy or free agent software, a title you can go to sh419 search for batch registration the software has, and because the chat room is a lot of time developed abroad can also visit foreign chat rooms, you can also register EBAY to the China pier company products Sold to foreigners is also a considerable profit, and the remaining I show.


Abstract: in theory, everyone has the opportunity to rely on short video fire up, but from a practical point of view, every venture tide hit, are accompanied by running more, less successful, short video, I am afraid there is no exception.


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Tencent, Alibaba and other large companies have started content strategy, enterprise and capital began to invest in the public account, WeChat; micro-blog, today’s headlines, such as the United States took content platforms have to open, is similar to the App Store content of enterprise ecology; traditional content producers have the transition to the new media mobile content industry; App, O2O, intelligent hardware in many areas of entrepreneurship and fewer opportunities — these are the content of entrepreneurship ushered in the golden age.

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