Through the 100% methods of applying GG AllianceCross-border import electricity supplier opportuniti

now, more than a year has passed. Many people left the industry, many people switched to do other business, and those who stick down, after experiencing setbacks, strikes, despair and transit, it seems to see the cross-border electricity supplier in the spring.

mid April 2016, the main category of cross-border electricity supplier baby baby lattice financing 12 million yuan;

at that time, these enterprises have bonded warehouse goods for customs clearance can not be worried, because people cannot dock to goods into the bonded area and brains, because someone sales fell cliff style and chafanbusi.

cross border bacteria finishing 4· 8 new deal after cross-border electricity supplier financing incomplete statistics:

June 28, 2016, the cross-border logistics service business, "Gu Gu Valley" announced the acquisition of B round of financing;

the weather is beginning to warm up.

in 4· last year; 8 the implementation of the new deal soon, that is when the cross-border import industry turmoil, when he was editor in chief billion state power network Jia Penglei once in a party to a number of cross-border business executives asked such a question: if you choose again the opportunity, you will also do cross-border the electricity supplier

December 16, 2016, the global good Darling announced the acquisition of 500 million yuan of financing;

2, what kind of website easily through professional website? Easier to pass, that is to say, if your site is the kind of small and refined through relatively easily, for example, my website is designed to do test, psychological test, love test sites like small fine comparison.

GG alliance can be said is a lot of parents, so how to apply to GG? Here today I got to apply GG experience to share with everyone, hope to be able to help. Well, here’s the procedure:

cross-border electricity supplier financing problems with the capital winter at the end of 2015 came together.

November 29, 2016, Amoy vertical electricity supplier Pea Princess announced the completion of $26 million B round of financing;

financing is getting harder.

, if your website does the top 3, it’s basically 100%, and I’ll be there 2 days later. Well, I’ve written so much. I’ll have some good experience later. Let’s share it on A5!

capital markets are picking up

October 27, 2016, maternal electricity supplier honey bud announced the completion of a new round of financing;

but their answer is: yes.

3, if your site has reached above two steps, basically by what is not difficult, and now have to do is to let the search engine included your site, and then in the Alexa Rankings to raise a little, not too high, as long as the ranking is ok. It’s not necessary, or better.


at that time, the story of cross-border electricity supplier basically finished, the model has been basically developed, most of the platforms have not allowed investors to see the possibility of profit. Rumors of cross-border electricity supplier new deal also allows capital to grip the money in hand, into the wait-and-see mode.

1, before you apply for GG, you have to fill up your website content and get at least 100 articles.

most of the answers he gets are: yes.

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in mid April 2016, the mother and baby cross-border electricity supplier diapers division received 55 million yuan A round of financing;

October 9, 2016, the sea Amoy food platform House announced the completion of one hundred million yuan A+ round of financing;

August 4, 2016, cross border supply chain service providers announced cross-border access to 50 million 800 thousand yuan B round of financing;

cross-border imports of electricity providers in the warmer, you feel it?