The message stopped. Where is the money way for the entertainment networkMany people start a busines

has a survey found in decades of entrepreneurial influential man found that apart from IT, the Internet field, the 72 traditional industry represented only a 80, the other is old, is still the traditional empire, even the 48 IT Internet business heavyweights, only nine 80, only fishing door, by 60 and 70 after the mainstream control, the real explosive entrepreneurial opportunity is negligible, the so-called business, is actually a hoax.

business is never an easy thing, entrepreneurs 95% companies will fall, the average life expectancy of the Internet Co is only 3 years, there are a lot of people read some inspirational books, some success stories, immediately enthusiasm, a head shot to start, but in fact, no resources, no two three contacts, no money, there will be more likely to succeed * o *?, people always see the success of the scene is infinite, but ignore them behind their back pay and sad.

is not only against the encourage entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship, in fact, compared with predecessors, more young people, facing the business more difficult, we are 30 years away foreigners for hundreds of years, so as to grab the cake, facing the difficult business environment, not to let the probability of death just like a swarm of bees, the bigger the denominator point. Inventory of those who fell behind the altar of 90 entrepreneurs.

is from starting a business venture, for example, now in control of real estate is 50 after 60, thirty are all out of the front, 10 years later, there may be 80, but it must be the 5060 chiefs of the son, now rarely Internet start-ups appear, not the thing only the elite.

      text messages after the madness is calm, suddenly stopped on a certain day, the film class and other entertainment stations blow great,

directly affects a large part of the income,

is expected at the end of the year to open a message,

so recently a lot of speculation in the capital of the Internet company, and put money to flow into MMS advertising,

general. With the network real name, is also the name of each arrangement out of position,

suggest webmaster don’t invest in these flows basically follow the trend in advertising, profit is 0, and the risk is very big.

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slowly toward the direction of traditional business, industry and association networks rely on users to earn?I also think only



speculation: advertising profit 0 MMS traffic

: MMS network still has the opportunity to invest



depend on the flow of advertising is the flesh to make money, how to commercial. asked a few learning

The main cast product type

website: wireless movie engine registration

many people didn’t understand the truth: 20 years ago the Internet ruler is more than 20 years old, 10 years ago is a more than 30 year old man, who is now more than 40 years old, and other traditional areas is more difficult, the front for the pit, dig a pit behind the new field of Internet are difficult, only 8090 up. Is the new opportunity gradually less, entrepreneurship is to start from scratch to create new businesses, of course, the elderly will be old, do not represent the new company can come up with great new.

will promote national peoples entrepreneurship? Because the social employment pressure, only this call, Ma said: "I do not respond to the call of the government, what is the reason? You must determine if this continues, the government will do this thing in ten years, so you are to do it, etc. The government call, there is no chance, tens of thousands of coming in, you died. The government called for a change of place, which was called foresight. The market is the same, you have to judge before the market."


brand promotion with these strokes, July activities set off 500-1000 yuan

98 years sister Wang Kaixin – set up magic department store: at the end of last year, was once regarded as "entrepreneurial prodigy."". In early 2016, she got 20 million A round of financing, but only a few months later, the value of billions of CEO fell on the altar.