Entrepreneurs ask yourself what you can do for investors

for most entrepreneurs, looking for investment is not a small challenge, and sometimes even see investors, the other party is not necessarily interested in your project. But a creation from entertainment industry to switch to the technology industry after the online education company 7AM, has got the top Silicon Valley investor Tim Draper investment.

how did she do it? In the Founder World in San Francisco today, the female entrepreneur Sequoia Blodgett shared her experience.


Sequoia has been in the field of music, entertainment, after a serious illness, she re planning his life. She wants to be an entrepreneur, and heard about the entrepreneurial guidance Tim Draper launched project Draper University.

but Draper University tuition is very high (currently a 7 week course to nearly $10 thousand), so Sequioa thought through the public to raise the way to raise tuition. She called her friends and colleagues to help them.

and in the old connection, she found a practice of university radio program responsible person now in charge of a radio show is very popular in the United States, so she thought of a way to win: she hopes to Draper and University together with the employees on the show, on the one hand for their own projects to raise public the rally, hand to help Draper University to increase exposure.

let her do not think that, after hearing this plan, Tim Draper offered to personally with her on the show. And before that, she didn’t even call Tim.

after her efforts, two weeks later, she and Tim went to the radio station and did a very successful show. She also took the opportunity to close the relationship with Tim. Then she successfully entered the Draper University entrepreneurial learning project, and get a Tim Draper investment.

Sequoia concluded that they can get the investment is largely due to Tim and Draper to establish a good relationship, and the establishment of such a relationship, because she is in the investment before the first Tim provides what he wants. "If you want to invest, sometimes only a business plan is not enough, you need to think about what they can bring additional value for investors. On this basis to go to understand investors, it will be much easier."