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B+ after the vote, as music, sports valuation will reach 24 billion yuan. It is reported that the Italian Ningbo ecological park under the fund will participate in music, sports, B+ round of capital increase. Among them, the use of music as a sports town project high-quality integrated construction land, is the main asset of the capital increase.

for music as sports, Jia Yueting said, hoping to be more focused, more focused on value creation, allowing music as soon as possible to achieve a reasonable ratio of input to output. "Music as the core value of sports or users, how to expand the number of sports members on a larger scale, and expand the number of sports users, which is music, sports, next stage is very important focus."."


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, HNA capital, Ze culture, investment, Pingyin MIPS can mine, New Oriental Wealth, Pai capital, Yun Feng fund and individual shareholders on behalf of 8 people, and the management of the company on behalf of 1 people, a total of 9 people set up the strategic development committee of music as sports, to provide support for the company to upgrade transformation.

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8. does not involve Huang, involving politics.

in addition to the construction of sports outside the town, as music, sports also plans to relocate the headquarters to the Italian Ningbo ecological park.

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Jia Yueting opened a prescription, as music, sports also have an action. Accordingly, as music, sports should be in the merger category, not in the sale category.

in addition, as music, sports management and some of the old shareholders, plans to invest holdings of shares of the company, and the depth of the company’s shareholders to optimize the structure of the holdings of shares, the funds will be used for the company’s follow-up business development.

music as sports town located between Shanghai, Hangzhou and Ningbo, sports CEO leizhen music as a sword that will tilt team resources to create music as sports town, to explore the pattern, and copy it to other areas.

music as financing progress, Jia is bound to be happy. But for Sun Hongbin, "the sale sell" principle, Jia Yueting is also quite recognized, only two LETV announced that the future of ecological system of listed company system and auto system, other businesses will merge into the listed company.

3. doesn’t cheat. I’ve never done any harm.

1. updated daily.

Jia Yueting also said, "the seven sub ecology in our eyes are indeed indispensable, but we will use different ways to solve the seven sub ecological reverse."."

music as sports announced that some new and old shareholders and Italy Ningbo Ecological Park National Ecological Park under the fund confirmed participation in the B+ round of financing, with the text "Jia Yueting forwarded the opportunity before, go ahead".

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