The largest in the history of the game Baidu algorithm update – the evil of human nature and human n

goodness and evil human nature controversy has continued for thousands of years.

the first statement is that human beings are naturally good, unless you have proof that he is bad.

the second saying is that man is born evil unless you have proof that he is good.

In October 07 Baidu

big update algorithm, presumably you are also impressive, especially the dumpster friends, many websites overnight by K, the new few months has been included, for a time, a wave of a dangerous situation on the site, shouted shouted good, bad, is scolding father also the aguirre.

Since the establishment of Baidu

algorithm updated numerous times, but deep blue CCC (thirty: personal blog) think this is an update to Baidu’s biggest ever, because it represents the Baidu algorithm change the concept of the site, nature is good or evil change.

before this algorithm update, Baidu at least think every site is a good, unless it has evidence that this site is bad, it may be K out of your web site.

After the

algorithm is updated, Baidu will think that every site is bad, unless you can prove that your site is good, otherwise it will not accept your site.

blue do not know why Baidu will make changes in how the algorithm, but this algorithm changes shown by Baidu on the site and the head of the change of the idea, will have great influence on the long-term industry website.

algorithm has been updated for almost half a year, deep blue CCC still ink this thing, really embarrassed. ^_^