How to make a site with traffic

I’ve been a webmaster for a long time, and I feel like being a good webmaster is not going to happen overnight.

you see this article, the purpose is very simple, want to learn something, and I say these, now online very few people have talked about. Now many products sold online, in order to promote their products are slowly affecting the consumer’s psychology, and slowly misleading some of the beginning of the webmaster.

The most successful

website opponents say nothing more than three points: 1. 2. positioning methods 3. insist, I hope you can read this article I’ve written "personal webmaster, need to" success in three point method ", and then see what I say, I mainly talk about second points, it is also the method said.

a website wants to succeed, only first points of positioning and third points of insistence are not good, if you are not good positioning, the beginning of failure. If you insist on no position, no feasible method is good, is not successful, if you feel you don’t know the webmaster this line, or that do not earn money, it is difficult to profit, if your environment is not suitable for you to do a good webmaster, hope you or not to enter the A OK, not everyone is suitable to do the webmaster.

do webmaster, don’t too early to develop inertia, once you develop inertia, you will more and more feel boring, feel tasteless, than found in popular website collection. Collect this stuff most of the webmaster have played, I also like the original collection, a website looks roughly made, is a collection of information about, let website content immediately, feeling a few look with an air of importance, looks a little bit like a big website. At this point, you will be more and more deep, also will be more and more obsessed with gathering information, you will forget how to promote your website, a webmaster, some places should learn to save time, and some time can not.

I have a video information website, the beginning is added in the video information manual, and Links, external links to do more than a few days, Baidu included, and visited a few days hundreds of IP, I think this manual and the content is not in trouble, if I use the acquisition, if Baidu is included, thousands of visits should be very easy to do, if a few 10W, IP/ day 1W is not very difficult, when I was crazy when collecting a few days later, Baidu put off my K site.

later, I made a blog about blogs on the, when I added articles every day, adding 10 articles a day, and each article was optimized for external optimization. Is to do friendship connection similar, the only difference is that I send the link information to other people BBS above, do a lot of external links, my website because I SEO, website access immediately big. At that time, I used this blog domain name is, when I showed someone my website, someone didn’t believe me