After 80 young people led to build the world Jade Dynasty

I’m Yang Muren, founder of the Jade Dynasty (, a typical 80 entrepreneur. I was born in February 14, 1984 and started all the way to the commercial route to the cattle B from the first year of College (19 years old).

Jade Dynasty ( is my fourth project, before a network project into shares, and participate in the establishment of two e-commerce sites, but did not change radically, is the healthy development of it, but I learned a lot of things, the official on the trip is of great help.

The project started before the

Dynasty jade, I follow the wishes of his parents a year class at the Yunnan provincial Party Committee Propaganda Department network, because it is difficult to suppress the entrepreneurial dream and passion, on the back of his parents and began to raise the unit leadership, in a sneaky way of talent and capital, and in February this year, officially registered Yunnan unionet Technology Co. the company opened in March, the emerald professional e-commerce website: Jade Dynasty (, China jade market reached directly in a business, compared with the traditional jade revolutionary mode.

Because Yunnan is the core of the

port jade processing trade, is currently the world’s Emerald City, but because my uncle was called China jade source, East Asia’s four largest jade jewelry City, one of the centers of the China Burma border city Ruili has over 10 years of working and my heritage, to help investors and advisers along the way, Wang Zhaoshun, Jade Feng Shui water, good momentum. The whole project in Kunming for the rear, to Ruili for the business department in Kunming, Tengchong, Burma, Ruili, WA city and other places have established a supply center, all emeralds are the source of supply, network marketing, free identification fee, EMS fee free, permanent equivalent replacement, our goal is: let people love jade day dare to sell jade, and can buy genuine goods at a fair price, to preserve the value of appreciation, the family from the good Yu


in the future, I and my team will be based on the Internet, looking at the world jade jade market, build the world’s largest circulation platform, let it become truly "Jadeite Jade Dynasty dynasty", the most important is that I and my team — a 80 as the main body of the team, will be through the Internet and jade line, Hui, min, Gong, wide letter, five

in the world!