Depth analysis of SEO revolutionary innovation road

in this age of thinking and value, the importance of innovative thinking is reflected in every aspect of society. Especially, the SEO industry, as a new industry, is a knowledge intensive industry. It is a new era product with weak capital effectiveness and minimal labor force. Therefore, innovation is particularly important in the SEO line. The early development of the SEO industry, baiyedaixing, can go way too much, an easy job to do innovation. And in the near future, SEO industry matures, industrial capacity is almost saturated, the difficulty of innovation in recent years has been exponential growth. By now, the creative thinking is hard to find the gold. No innovation can develop a hurdle, innovation has become a lot of SEOER not to the heart. In fact, the innovation of this little thing, depth analysis, but no more than twelve words: "I do not have people, I have excellent people, people, excellent, I turn."".

people do not have me: a small way to find uncultivated virgin soil

in any industry development early, want to innovate will not be too difficult. As the development of online shopping early, Taobao is an ability to rule the country innovation, opened up the road of the development of independent businesses. But by now, if one person wants to copy Taobao, it’s almost impossible. Take a look at the Tencent launched pat Network, with Tencent strong technical support, the development of such a long time, still in the limelight Taobao difficult out of its right. Therefore, if you want to innovate, it is the best and most convenient way to find a virgin land that has not yet been excavated. There are many SEOER would say, want to find a virgin if so simple, easier said than done, we are so hard to do what tangled. In fact, maybe virgin land is hard to find, but fake virgin land is not hard to find. The domestic SEO industry has really developed since 2003, but has not been here for less than ten years, and the development of independent SEO is even slower. The SEO industry abroad may have been very advanced, but the domestic SEO industry has developed slowly under the double attack of the government crackdown and information blocking. The obstruction of information in our country is a double-edged sword for SEOER. Because of the information blocking, SEOER can only look at the advanced ideas and techniques abroad. However, due to the information blocking, the domestic market is not developed to the extent that foreign websites can not enter the mainland market competition, users of many foreign things do not understand, look at what all think new. Therefore, if you want to find uncultivated virgin land, you can find it from abroad. QQ is not the first copy of foreign ICQ Mody, even if not really virgin land, this pseudo original can also bring SEOER no small success.

people have my advantage: ancestors step in front of the industry,

competition is everywhere, the business sector is a law of the jungle in the world. It is never possible to avoid competition, because as long as it is fat, someone must want to share it. At this time, we need to do what people have. In the quality of link promotion, than ordinary people more critical, in the user experience, than similar network