The first station beginner course and experience

I also remember the

website for almost 3 months, because of my own free Wangzhuan things need a litter better, and he initially didn’t do this when he was in HTML, div+css and so on, also studied for nearly 1 months, how can just try their own learning so, decided to write their website code!

do the station, the beginning must determine what is their own subject, so that when you register domain names can also point to relevance, and easy to remember.

sure what I wanted to do after the purchase of the domain name and space, read a lot of domestic space either is cheap but service is too small, some provide much too expensive, also cannot afford, but feel that the use of domestic space to record what the key is too much trouble, some are only binding a domain name, there are other restrictions! Finally went to see a lot of foreign websites, of course, is not to say that foreign is how much, but at least no record of what! Finally chose the virtual host us feeling okay, there is quite a lot of you are of no use, is the first I have never done this, second English that is not very good, so a lot of things are useless, but this does not affect I do stand! So for someone to purchase the domain name space, is sent in. The space merchant that registered domain name eliminates the problem of parsing the IP address, and that would be a bonus,

!Ready to start writing code or download the source code of the

site above preparations, I write your own code, because no design to many deep things, write what should have no problem.

of course, if you do not write what you want, you can go to the relevant website to find the source code, you can go to the web site to download CMS, the novice suggested using WordPress, this CMS is very good entry. Download finished, you can decompress, you can also directly upload to your domain name directory, and then online decompression. How to upload it, use the FTP tool, generally the left is the local, the right is the host, this use process will deepen your understanding of the virtual host. Upload it, then find the file install.php, pay attention to the location of the file, and then we put its location into the browser’s address bar, that is, use the browser to run the file. This step is not well understood, but I believe you will understand the day after. Then WordPress will prompt you to install the database, which will be completed in a minute on the host’s mysql. WordPress installed, the site has been basically completed, but there is no content. On this day, you need to understand the background, I believe you know how to send an article at once, and then use Baidu, other settings are also familiar with. If you think the site is not pretty, then you go to www… Find a template to upload to the host, wp-content/themes is ok.

, here’s the point about the content of the site