Claire third Webmaster Tools irreplaceable

a few days ago on the Internet to see some people say that the third party Webmaster Tools began to lonely, but I do not think so. Although now Baidu webmaster tools function relatively complete, gradually replace the third party webmaster tools in some functions, but the third party of the Baidu webmaster tools can not completely replace, and so will not be lonely, but with the increase of third party webmaster, webmaster tools users have gradually increased.


below, we will compare Baidu webmaster tools and third party webmaster tools function:

The function of

Baidu station tool

1. Sitemap submission. It’s easy for Baidu to tell Baidu what high quality web pages you can grab on your website through Sitemap tools. Help Baidu Spider know more about your site, including pages that traditional spider might not find.

2. death link submission. As we all know, the site appears dead links will affect the search engine for the site’s judgment, but there is a snapshot error, and then directly by the K station.

3. URL submission. Site submission is the first thing that any website should do when it’s on the line, and the URL submission of Baidu webmaster tools is much faster than the old submission.

4. website revision tool. Many sites will often be revised greatly, and the impact of the revision is that the site will be K dropped, after setting 301, the site can guarantee the amount of submission and display of the effect of the site does not fluctuate significantly.

5. external chain tool. Before the third party webmaster tools outside the chain function is not perfect, Baidu introduced the chain inquires function than third party webmaster is much better, in some of these above is really dominant.

6. Baidu index volume. A lot of time, spider obviously went to the site, but we use site query, but can not find the information, Baidu index volume to a certain extent than the site instructions much more accurate.

7. search keywords. Search keywords is Baidu Webmaster Tools NEW out of function, according to keywords, display amount, click quantity, click rate to distinguish, users can see their website data in detail.

8. page optimization proposal. Baidu according to some of its tools, analysis of the site in the optimization of what deficiencies?.

9. grab exception, pressure feedback, Robots. These tools don’t use much, but they can help us look at the unusual situation on the website.

10. security monitoring and vulnerability monitoring. You can query the security information of your website according to the tool.

, there are other tools, etc., Baidu Adsense function optimization in the above can really give us a lot of help.

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