Talk about some of Baidu’s original article on the website

you remember website original article mentioned the importance of the spark plan in Baidu? Proven small for a period of time, once again out of the original problem and everyone together to discuss and share their feelings of the original website.

recently, small A5 owners see a column titled "the thing" About Baidu original article, which the author with his website original article as a case for sharing results, found the original article on Baidu ranking priority and mentioned that Baidu is not the spark plan, he find yourself writing original articles published on the website, the ranking has not been substantially improved, after verification, the article appeared in Baidu 50-100, even 100. When I see this situation, but also Baidu’s spark plan has questioned, holding this question, Xiaobian also constantly groping for some original road, and found that their original query is redundant. Here’s about Xiaobian own web site original article that thing:

small business website has a BB cream for almost a year, in this year, gradually learned how to write original, on the last night, little wrote an article "what brand of BB cream is good for pregnant women, 2013 pregnant women BB cream list" published in the original article, 1:00 and more after an hour, Baidu even seconds of this article, the use Baidu Search confirmed that the article in the "first 2013 pregnant women BB cream list" home, beat the baby tree, Baidu and Baidu know experience and other high weight pages within the site, as shown below:

from the screenshot above we can clear that support the original article mentioned Baidu Spark Program website, give priority to this kind of website traffic and rank of this argument, but this small article because their website weight is not high, failed to stabilize the rankings, and then search for the articles in the next morning, has not found in the home, although the ranking dropped, but we can see that in this case, Baidu has started to support Taobao customers this kind of high quality original articles website, here, you may in the future Taobao off road have direction clear deeper.

the small details that tell everyone out, is that the optimization has been committed to the site, has been adhering to the Taobao road guest friends, if you want to do to further enhance the website optimization, we do believe that only their own original, only the original, to stand on his own on the Internet in an invincible position and we hope that through this sharing, we bring you to the network, to optimize the original article that inner passion.

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