Do station half year experience of oneself

entered the Internet remember in 2004 when it was when I was just a junior high school graduation heart ignorant youth, have entered the network on the network era of interest, on behalf of all the time just access to the Internet only know online chat QQ play legend what, at that time and do not know. In the past 4 years beginning in 2008 contact the network site, due to the establishment of the contact is to let yourself out of the game predicament, first do stand when only one of the basic things of HTML own a notepad to write something and then change the format to generate web forms, slowly learn, friends do not understand, this began the forum the construction of a forum with the team chief technology forum, during which my personal daily promotion summed up some experience:

optimization above: BBS optimization key is keyword selection and static web page, and there is internal connection " paving ".

is a forum for you to establish a good result of the first consideration is the selection of key words, not more and not less, the best way is to select " to fight each other; " that is to say the words, such as webmaster exchange technology forum it involves communication technology forum webmaster webmaster forum this there is a static keyword. Why should it, this is a very basic common sense. The convenient static forum included, internal paving is you yourself wrote good article or article ah ah theme to the Forum on the home page of the connection that it will be convenient for the spider crawling

said: the promotion of the above simple promotion is AD place AD with the keyword for the special attention is the best one day is recommended 1 keywords so convenient you rise in ranking, of course you write to the keyword matching it. Here I give you a how do you add your own tips, reverse connect site, is actually very simple, go mad posts must be slightly longer post you to inside, inside the post with your website with your keyword address as the connection, must take the address out not included in the key words such as: like this write don’t hide, I promise you made 5 hours after the time will be included for the reverse connection of spider to your site, of course you don’t get much hard every day, you will die the day. Just one,


connection above: to find a suitable site connected what station do not, there is a connection when you use such as station webmaster technology forum such keywords do connection and IDC station in connection with your IDC forum anyway you have keywords flexible changing not always limited to a keyword for tight connection. The most important thing is the best year in connection is to look at the object you change is included in Baidu to the first page of the first page must not only change you will be burning down the right