Share online B2C business tips

a lot of people with his desire to develop a vision of the sky on the Internet, this idea is better than nothing, once planted inside will continue to go down. At present, Taobao, Ali, eBay, independent B2C shop in the network can be heard everywhere, have a little supply to open a shop, not open source, of course, who do not want to have a way of earning money, such a person is too much, but in this case there are divided into several categories.

, a keen insight into the market, professional marketing promotion, the overall planning of specific shop operation in each stage, a good development potential customers effectively, the specific types of selected targets, clear, with a targeted operation.

two, a strong desire to make money, passionate, confident, but often lack the skills and experiences, efforts and achievements of pay is not consistent, this is the main starting point and positioning itself not make proper analysis.

three, the shop opened a number of products, copy, paste, product description, and so on, no intention of management, wholeheartedly want customers to come to the door, if there is this idea, advise you to quickly change careers, this does not need to comment.

I believe many of them are like the second category. Here I analyze how to make the online shop go on.

, a clear goal, network marketing plan, understand their products, if it can’t do the talking with clients is very passive, and products are mainly sold to determine the local population, do what effect the form of net of feasible single effect was not obvious.

two, the SEO keyword, this is very important, assess their own product search keywords to make a detailed analysis, we must grasp the store layout clear and reasonable, appropriate distribution of keywords, when necessary to spend money to do, must spend valuable.

three, for this very high realm can be achieved, temporarily don’t think, one day you will reach the good customer, GOOGLE, bulk mail etc. in short it must be a breakthrough, using their own product advantages to retain customers, often also launched promotional activities, that the streets have a look. But the effect is very good.

shop marketing have different changes at each stage, it depends on you slowly adjusted analysis, then make the assessment, if not feasible immediately for promotion, is to continue to carry out, if you pause that not far from collapse, this is some of my business experience, hope to help everyone.

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