Classic analysis what kind of webmaster to succeed

in the personal website of the rivers and lakes, a batch of new Adsense come in, a batch of batch of old Adsense leave, leave the webmaster, have earned the purse drum, also have empty handed. Why is the same station, the difference is so huge, we have to reflect on what those people have the potential to lead the site to success and ability. Here, eight degrees webmaster network editor for everyone to integrate 8 aspects of content for your reference,

, a successful station owner, must have plenty of free time,

individual station, there is no strong team support, there is not enough funds to support, change procedures, plus content, publicity, promotion, all rely on a person to complete, and therefore, in this must be put in enough time. Although different types of sites are not the same, the input time requirements but every day must be able to put more than 3 hours to the site, one hour and one hour, promotion, half an hour to browse the website information, communication and visitors for half an hour.

two, a successful webmaster, must be able to accurately positioning

some friends come up to the direction of the portal, and make dozens of columns, it seems to have great momentum. As everyone knows, every column updates more than two articles, then, the whole station needs to update hundreds of articles. Many webmaster began with the top down momentum, but not always stick to it, because such a huge workload can be stationmaster health. Therefore, it is recommended that the new webmaster try to choose a special station, the column does not need more, but it has its own characteristics.

three, a successful webmaster, must be the ultimate goal of profitability

see others do what they do, or just want to experience the life of the webmaster, most of them can not succeed. Because of interest and the establishment of the site is not stable, because interest is a very unstable factor, interested in today, tomorrow may be disgusted, or like something else. In the station goal, the most successful should be to make money oriented webmaster, only want to make money webmaster, will devote wholeheartedly to do.

four, a successful webmaster, must have long-term vision,

some webmaster, just take the program, casually add content, began to apply for league advertising everywhere, began to give their website put on thick advertising coat. As everyone knows, new sites need to be clean and tidy, and what you need is refreshing. When users haven’t formed a clear memory of your website, too many ads will scare them away. First improve the user experience, first do popularity, and finally should consider advertising. Put the cart before the horse, and it will certainly go far.

five, a successful webmaster, must have fortitude, perseverance,

some webmaster, was Ali mother K account, or by Baidu, Google alliance K account, seems to be not profitable prospects. What’s more, after the site was plucked Baidu, immediately change the domain name to do new sites. Originally, the website should not be done for alliance, also should not be >