Light Baidu keyword ranking of beating and change

note that the "beat" rather than "change", the change is random, beating is regular, and the meaning of the two words are different.


, a web site keywords often or not often change in Baidu rankings, popular keywords ranking will change more, especially those who are strong SEO attention, stable ranking is every webmaster goal, is the basis of site traffic rising. Ranking some owners will often make the relationship between key words, including the long tail keywords, but rarely seen in-depth analysis of the article, dare to follow their own observations about the results published, for your reference.


ranking change direction is increased or decreased (of course there are same, not in scope), reason rankings are: website (web page) weight increase, other website (web page) to reduce the weight and other related website or web page is K, search engine algorithm changes; reasons for the decline in ranking the weights are: site weights are Baidu down, web content change method, other sites increased, the new included pages of interference and other factors.

combination of different factors, leading to their website keywords ranking will rise or fall. But from my actual tracking situation, I found a kind of abnormal regular change, that is, the periodic fluctuation of keywords ranking.

I tracked more than 80 long tail keywords, 1 and a half months before and after, accumulated a large number of day ranking data. Found some of the key words (about 15% or so), these days ranked first, second, in a few days to shoot 11, 12, and a few days later is the first second. Or regular changes like 1-3-1-3 and 2-5-2-5. During their own web pages did not make any changes, other people’s web pages are also old content. Then, the reason for this change can basically exclude the aforementioned factors. Well, what exactly caused the rankings to change? And what’s the real impact on website optimization? I’m not sure, I have to be bold.

the first possibility: Baidu periodic transformation ranking algorithm (fine tune) second possibilities: Baidu periodic change data server (different servers included data different), but not transform algorithm

analysis: if this is the first case, why is Baidu doing this? In order to interfere with the SEO work? In order to maintain their mystery and play tricks for it?. If it is not impossible to keep the advantage of his own competitive ranking, but it doesn’t feel like much.

if it is the second case, it is more practical. A lot of data must be in different servers, servers need regular maintenance, a server to maintain the data it contains is affected, the result is that the terminal ranking results change. But does server maintenance need to be so frequent? I see the numbering rule as shown in the chart: 2 weeks in cycles, and rank number two