Do not admit defeat in order to make success

October 2005 I finished college course, also gave up to stay in Beijing work, back home at home alone on the site, stay for half a year, the first contact program is PW, look for free space on the internet.

then call my adorable issue ready to do a webmaster business! After a lot of hard work and a senior made a website, the first is a waste of space taking (here is not to mention the name) space, then spend on 59RMB, bought a 100M the space. Hang on the source code, not ours. Rotten, this year is 59 yuan / year, 100M space, used to do, I think this bullshit acts more, if you really want to do, or not this 59 yuan. Now it has changed, with another space business space, a friend introduced. Relatively stable.

operates its own website, I play station is an online game site, every day now IP less than 100, the operation time is the beginning of February 2009, this website is one of my ideal of Utopia, because I always stay in the university dormitory all day online takeout food, and lazy. So from a rational point of view, this game station is quite promising, then go to know is not so easy. Set up forums, slowly groping for how to do what to do in the station, station, slowly their network vision, budding game station cudgel thinking idea "to provide the latest game for the majority of users, some of the game, the whole game!" I have for this shiny the slogan proud.

up to 06 years in April I applied my own domain name "game Daquan", then the passion is full of vitality and self-confidence, I want to catch up with the old timers game station, to do on behalf of the new play station, with his strength fearless made her today.