Forum website how to increase user viscosity

users are traffic, it is business opportunities, the development of a new site users are cost, how to improve the user viscosity of the site, reducing the loss of site users, every webmaster should seriously consider the topic. I write this article, it is easy to ignore some of the problems revealed, so that each webmaster will come up with their own tricks to increase user viscosity. The website of this case is Chongqing (, he participated in our Chongqing webmaster training program, Chongqing sneak is a well-known local Chongqing Chongqing city friends, information, life, entertainment community. But also faced with large user liquidity, viscosity is not high problems. After my own observation, I put forward some countermeasures.

(1) function optimization

1.1) personalized

displays individual personality through a number of functional arrangements. As a community site, registered users can not be overwhelmed by the "vast sea of people", the site should give each user the opportunity to display their presence.

1.1.1) regularly displays a number of user profiles on the home page.

on the home page to compress some news section of the space, replaced by user information, highlighting individual users. For example, refer to Baidu, say "home page", show users photos and speeches.

1.1.2) tells you which user events are happening

home page opens a community information aggregation column, automatic release of information, for example, the new registration, add picture upload task, etc..

1.1.3) perfect activity management

set up active channels on the home page, the background has a perfect activity management module. This can put an activity together to show relevant information from A to Z, have launched activities, registration, events, activities and evaluation activities, messages and other functions, and highlights the user after, in the previous activity experience.

1.2) practical

the community’s practical functions are mainly game based, and there are a number of calculators, tools, in general, is relatively single, thin, you can build some community utility functions. For example, publish carpool information, publish information released in Shandong, group purchase information, release word-of-mouth comment. Use some practical functions to bring the community’s network resources into play. But the site needs to break the BBS limit in its technical architecture.

, 1.2.1) guide yellow pages (experience)

regularly publishes some original, practical, empirical, and classified information that is well received by the user. For example, "Shiqiaopu’s small side, which is more delicious", "Chongqing city main badminton courts and charges Daquan" and so on, hanging on the home page, click rate must be very high.

1.3) some misunderstandings on functional construction discussion

1.3.1) the user viscosity of the news is relatively poor, I think it should be pressed >