What do you need to do to develop the forum

one, forum positioning.

this seems to be a simple or old growth problem, which is often overlooked by some webmaster. Always want to engage in the forum section, in fact, I personally think that the forum and website, positioning to fine the better! For example, many are now engaged in the thunder, then search out almost every forum. There are movies, MTV, anime and so on…… In fact, like this, the forum is very difficult to develop. How do you think a person can manage or involve so many things?. If you have an anime or a smaller Chinese animation or anime and so on, the smaller the total, the smaller your website stickiness will be.

two, the start of the forum.


is fixed, I start talking about it. I’m not optimistic about the forum’s collection (of course, a few more garbage stations are preferable). First of all, the forum is divided into good points, here should take full account of the user’s experience feel! To heat the high popularity of the key position (this webmaster should know). The forum tries not to drive too many sections (or in the position of the forum). Layer is not too deep, too deep to allow users to find a post point 5-6 times, although the site’s PV improved, but it reduces the stickiness of the site. After a good section of the human flesh to fill content, 3gp.cn content, I spent 2 days browsing a lot of 3gp sites a little bit of hair up. Because it is the start, people must be less, but we can artificially enhance the popularity of the forum. As a fledgling forum webmaster, there must be more than 5 vest to active forum atmosphere! Of course also need to find a few good people help! This depends on your personal charm ~


three, rich content of the forum

here, there are several key points about the content of the forum. One is to surround the core of the forum keyword, 3gp.cn.. Of course, to 3GP as the focus, when adding content, you can artificially improve the keyword density of the next web site, 3gp mobile phone movie – love, call transfer, download, etc.. It’s up to you to practice slowly. If the QQ class can, I would like to classic QQ personality signature, 2007 classic QQ personalized signature, and so on. The access to statistics, to update the forum according to the method can also be used to update the forum! Special update: 3gp format songs TOP500 download, updated every day, and finally to a summary. In one to let visitors feel the forum is popular, the content of

is unique!

four, rich forum popular

popularity can also be rich, and here are a few simple points:

1, find a few professional irrigation Wang (can not find the time to use your vest, my www.zuixindy.org.cn is often useful, hey hey ~ ~ ~ ~


2, new person’s post must reply

3, to carry out several activities to improve the forum replies. For example, behind the scenes, the most commonly used