New webmaster request link mentality discussion

, a new site has been completed, if it is a well-known webmaster, many PR high webmaster scrambling to do links. But for just in the network world roots Adsense is not so easy! Let’s talk about requesting new webmaster mentality:

‘s own site ready (or yourself time-consuming for a long time is made of, or pay for a friend to help, or is made of, it is done), on the line, that Gaoxing Jin jiubeng mention, any language can not express the


website development link is the road must go, even if it is a root stationmaster all know him. It’s all over the world looking for look for a needle in the ocean! Most new webmaster friends is to recruit and their equal new sites, or pr=1 than their slightly long time website, hadn’t thought about this website to find pr=2=3=4=5=6, ask them why


they said: "this is also used to ask why? People PR so high, how can we link it?" in fact, this mentality represents the voice of a large number of webmaster. I thought so for a while, but only for a short time. I don’t think so,


I’ve been looking for PR to link to older websites that are higher than myself, and even a lot higher. Of course, the success rate is not very high, but there are always better than no, right?

my site "net friend home" in May 18, 2009 just on the line, go is specifically looking for those with high PR, although the success rate is not very high, but after all, some owners will help our new webmaster


my "home of friends" web site is: on-line, after a period of time after the trough, it entered a better flat road. Here I would like to thank all raised my webmaster friends! Thank you!

, thank you very much,


I think this article for new webmaster friends still have a little useful, if need to reprint, please indicate: net friend’s home webmaster Liu Junguo, thank you