Talking about the user experience link of portal website from 7.3 Tencent portal revision

recently the Internet can be said to be in a period of turmoil, while we are wandering in the "360 and millet" slobber marketing war, on both sides of public relations, marketing, promotion of learning atmosphere, we ushered in the 6.22, 6.28 Baidu phoenix nest for Web2.0 anti spam Raiders upgrade, resulting in mass website was K, yesterday saw the news will be revised in July 3rd, there may be some people think that this is not a big move for what, but the gate in recent years has legalistic perspective, the Tencent made an innovative change


this morning song and can’t wait to open the computer and read the latest Tencent portal, in a boot animation, we see a new Tencent portal, in contrast to the old version of the Tencent portal, removal official statement "portal, micro-blog, wireless video and depth integration", more in-depth we can see the development of Tencent next portal.


personalized intelligent portal

For now,

personality portal, we reasonably expected, when the user opens the portal website of Tencent Tencent account after landing in the portal, Tencent and Tencent micro-blog video display is your love, this is your exclusive personality news portal, we can go in this area for example, if you are a basketball fan your attention, "Kobe" micro-blog, then you can see the portal in the Tencent of Kobe the content of the game, and NBA video, news! Directed through the crowd to the precision of the present user preferences, these preferences are from your daily browsing habits reflect, we can think of it as is to identify patterns of behavior, preferences of the user through the analysis of the data accurately recommend the most suitable content to the user


pays more attention to the promotion of search service

we can move through a series of Tencent after the discovery, in the Baidu search search users complain that the quality of the content, owners complained that Baidu K stand down right ranking is not good to do the environment, Tencent has paid more and more attention to their own search engine development trend, search through the Discuz in the vertical and horizontal, and some of the QQ chat the search word box after the launch, the Tencent has been slowly through the user viscosity on this search search business made greater efforts to promote this time portal revision, the Tencent to search the search box is pulled to the whole gateway to the most prominent head is necessarily, the Tencent more wanted to search every hour and moment. Appear in the user’s network life, we know that the search service is the main source of Baidu Baidu, and Internet business, of course the most eat here Silver, is also said the price of Baidu search service, and get involved in this field, I think in the absence of other innovative links, excluding the benefits of user viscosity, can bring more search bidding service economy of the Tencent, but it also highlights the importance of the Tencent in recent years. Of the

search market! "