The status quo and Prospect of navigation website

since Li Xingping’s hao123 was acquired by Baidu, more and more people have realized the bright future of site navigation, so webmasters are scrambling to do web navigation. The current web site navigation is "if suddenly spring night, the pear tree open, showing a thriving prosperity.

I find many web site navigation, to observe a moment, found a lot of really common, of course, the same type of website is pretty close, but the similarity is high, can be regarded as a family out of the. Almost all navigation sites use the same system, template, and even the same color. Although imitation is necessary, it is difficult to develop without imitation and without transcendence.

first of all, navigation sites should be simple and easy to use.

The biggest feature of

Hao123 website is simple and convenient to use, and the classification is clear. Believe that Li Xingping in the original intention of doing web site is to facilitate the use of, so the greatest extent to consider convenience, save trouble. Now a lot of Web site navigation to imitate hao123, after all, this success is because of no ground for blame, imitate to succeed, but you can see the site navigation website later appeared increasingly rich content, more detailed classification section.

, such as 256 site navigation, plus new station navigation and website list, hot topics, more and more content, navigation web site is also more and more. Although this is the trend of development, but the content is too much, it is not easy for users to choose and find. Navigation doesn’t make sense if a user has to find an address for a long time. Guidance, navigation, navigation, web site to guide users search, find such a role, in the shortest possible time to find the most useful information, this is the successful navigation site.

additionally, navigation site oriented URLs must be practical for users.

I note that many navigation site oriented addresses are not very practical. For example, in the guidance of local websites, many navigation website oriented web site is only official, less common people concerned. You know, most users use the site navigation is the ordinary people, these users on the official website of the information may not be so care, such as tax bureau, health bureau website, believe that attention to the information users as local delicacy network, local community type forum website. Navigation web site oriented address must be practical to the user, in the practical rather than quantity, not posturing, posing.

in the web site orientation, personally think that 360 site navigation do better, in the local website guide web site selection is very hard. For example, Guangdong City navigation, there are local news network, local friends forum, traffic map, medical care and other convenient information. These >