Talk about the author’s views on the long-term development of the website

is now the Internet is very impetuous, quick success, we know that many webmaster website is only one purpose is profit, of course, I do not think that this goal is wrong, just a lot of people will therefore mentality problem, in order to be able to take a variety of profit behavior damage the user experience, the webmaster is often not understand the core site for a long time, all the development of a web site, because the user, the user is our core, our website is based on the user, and in order to make short-term profit is substantial advertising website user experience all kinds of damage often will only make us lose more long-term interests, so if you want your website to water flow. Everfount to do so, there must be a long-term strategic perspective, you want to make a still want to always make me? Think the answer is self-evident, we do the goal is to create a long-term stable income of the website, so don’t be rushed out the interests of your ultimate goal, some personal views of the author and talk about the long-term development of the site.

first: learn the excellent experience of peers

we must admit that as a personal webmaster, strength is very weak, just thinking level, because of the lack of communication lack of brainstorming, so our perspective is very limited, we should see more of the same industry in the good learning practice of the site, many webmaster disdain to peer observation always feel oneself, practice is the most correct, the most outstanding, it is obvious that thinking is not limited outlook, good website operation method. Here we have to mention one example, known as the Tencent, we have to admit that Chinese Tencent is the most successful Internet company, there is no one! There are many people who say that the Tencent is a copycat king, regardless of others what to imitate, such as the year after the launch of sina micro-blog, very popular, very popular with users welcome, and the Tencent is the beginning of study immediately, and quickly take action began to imitate the launch of micro-blog Tencent, until now, micro-blog referred to is to think of the Tencent micro-blog and Sina micro-blog, from this example we are going to learn to learn competing ideas, to innovation in the opponent’s foundation, to do better.

second: user oriented, more users to think about

What is the core value of

website? Is for users to improve what they need, for users to solve their needs, if a site is not to the user demand, it is difficult to really long, we can in any one station, any changes they have only one purpose, to provide better the value for the user, to better address the needs of users, the value of many owners in the process of the operation of the site gradually deviated from the core value of the offset website will naturally slow user experience is getting worse, more and more users will not be love. For example, a basketball information for users of the site, I think the value of this website is the largest basketball tournament provides a variety of information for the user, the dynamic basketball star, all kinds of basketball skills, training methods of the letter "