Using good time difference, for website SEO optimization, this is also an optimization method

"overnight changed!" on the network are found in a lot of time you wake up, a lot of SEO optimization workers feel that the benefits of time, missed the hottest time, will also get a good hit, because the night is long, people are sleeping. But, "have an ulterior motive" people are planning "amazing" event, see Monday has become a weekend a greeting, and many people are using this two days double work, because the Internet 24 hours is not closing, because the search engine spiders crawl the site in 24 hours, because many competitors used normal the rest of the time, then, for the fierce competition in the Internet is optimized by using



talked about using the time difference optimization, the first Taobao store on how to increase traffic treasure Raiders, there are many ways to play the time difference, such as baby on-line time for 24 hours a day, one more time, and more concentrated in the buyer’s shelves baby, such goods may be ranked in front of similar products in order to get more traffic.

famous singer Wang Feng always loses time when he releases the news. Sometimes, often happen, because of "bad luck" was released when a major news, a sudden emergency, attention far more than you think "big news", the effect is far more than expected. Wang Feng as "luck" is bad, in order to make the headlines also fight, but always have more eye-catching entertainment time, let the user tangled help Wang Feng headline, "help Wang Feng headlines made headlines.

recently the biggest marketing event – Beijing Sanlitun UNIQLO fitting room ", the success of planning inadvertently" headlines "events, while planning this event is in the evening, netizens said," wake up, circle of friends are all the marketing events, UNIQLO UNIQLO "and" erotic. "A little a little edge, very strict supervision in the network today, only through the night, regulators relaxed for marketing, can be described as" racking their brains".

from the above several events we see not hard, want to site optimization, SEO optimization for bitter work, sometimes you should work yourself others sleep, others rest yourself but to climb up from sleep, play a long time, can make the website ranking optimization do a better job of some key words station, "contrarian", time is also a kind of inverted SEO optimization method.

so, how to do SEO optimization inversion time? Is not the work of others you sleep, others sleep your work? This is just a metaphor, the website promotion is a long-term work, but also need some skills, who do more carefully, who pay more effort, then, get the it is easy to return more than expected, making good use of the time difference, even.