Vertical cosmetics B2C electricity supplier pattern analysis two levels of segmentation and pitfalls

according to iResearch data show that in 2012 China cosmetics online shopping scale reached 57 billion 660 million, compared with 2011’s 37 billion 260 million yuan, an increase of 54.8%. Expected in the next few years, cosmetics online shopping will continue to maintain rapid growth, to 2015, cosmetics online shopping transaction size is expected to exceed 120 billion yuan, the entire cosmetic online shopping industry promising. As a hundred billion market, you will not despise the giant, in a comprehensive business platform: Taobao, Tmall and other Jingdong, must occupy the most favorable position and orientation, and for the cosmetics business, go vertical line is the inevitable choice. Through a series of data shows that the vertical path seems to be the cosmetics business clothing business template is accidental or inevitable, different people have different views. A large integrated platform to control, such as, Le bee cosmetics B2C ranked the first two spot electricity supplier network, No5, Likeface, every other separatist second level, while in more segments of the cosmetics market is vertical to go below a vertical market there are two fine points.

from the world GDP pattern, vertical cosmetics electricity supplier pattern

from the above table, we can see the simple, in today’s cosmetics vertical B2C electronic business pattern in the big two: and Le bee, positioning the equivalent of beauty, in the background above is superior to the overall strength of About two business enterprise all know, is relying on the means to carry out group purchase group purchase through expansion, gather user, and then expand the category, the United States in the creative above Chen Ou Chen EC marketing and other creative activities, let overall brand go high-end; is Li Jing use the stars to do a publicity stunt, is the star of cosmetics, the main is to attract one star below the fan base to expand the flagship brand, obvious route. From this year to now, the news can be seen inside the two giants in cosmetics electricity providers can take the brand route to get from the price war, but so far we regret that the price war once begun can not stop, I like in March this year, the "cosmetics electricity supplier price war up to the United States" lost in music pointed out that the price war this mechanism once started, no one can stop, deeper and deeper. Now every month can see two big brother’s war, they are taking Yuezhan, so many consumers both happy and sad, happy is the price is very low, sad is, see next month is bought. Price war, the electricity supplier is not out of this black hole, until the traditional retailers and traditional channels to complete the line with the line, will allow many of the electricity supplier price advantage is not possible, but rather inferior.

vertical cosmetics electricity supplier two segments

clothing electricity supplier has adult, juvenile, old people; have a coat, pants and other Bureau of some categories; also has functional classification: leisure, tourism, business, we can see the clothing electricity supplier industry has been subdivided into segments, now >