The purpose of exchanging links is to increase outreach and improve the weight of the website

in the exchange of links in the process, often encountered such questions: "you can bring us how much traffic? Your site export links too much, your website I haven’t heard before."…… These questions are summed up in the following aspects.

1, exchange links is to improve the site traffic,

reason for this is simply not true, according to many years of follow-up study, to improve the site’s traffic is through Links is very little, even negligible, if a site must rely on the main links several limited IP brings to improve website traffic, illustrates this website just to flow there that is not to a specific user service, this website does not give users what a good user experience, but not by the users of all ages, of course, will eventually by the search engine become abandoned, the evergreen tree is also mentioned, whether such sites have the necessary existence is questionable.

2, exchange links is to enhance the popularity of the site,

brand strength is immeasurable, if the national website for the website, can get on exchange links or up to 7 of the famous site navigation station have a good recommendation in hao123, 265, universal navigation nets such as PR value, trust degree can enhance the users, improve the visibility of the site the. However, these highly popular website management is often more stringent, the general web site is difficult to get their favor. Therefore, through the link, a short time to create a high reputation "brand effect"".

3, exchange links is a useful supplement to the website

this view has its reasonable factors, theoretically, a reasonable increase in high visibility of the site link, can expand website knowledge breadth and depth, the objective to increase the website user experience is good. However, such as hao123, 265, universal navigation network and other PR value is greater than or equal to 7 of the site, it is often difficult to achieve exchange of links, so it can not fundamentally solve the problem.

4, exchange links, in order to improve the PR value of the site

PR value is Google’s overall quality of the site as a comprehensive evaluation. Generally speaking, the higher the PR value of the website weight is relatively high, you can say that the PR value is currently an important sign of the site weight, of course, also refer to other reasonable factors. At present, the PR value of the evaluation from single to comprehensive assessment of outreach to the website, the main signs are: "base + variable" mode, "base" is the site of a comprehensive assessment of the real strength, "variables" are related with outreach, but the play is the most important base "". This model has further increased the weight of high PR value of the site evaluation, also sell out punishment for high weight and high PR value of the site is excessive, so as to achieve powerful combination, to some extent, to prevent abuse of technologies such as SEO >