New sites on-line 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation type web site outside the chain cons

yesterday’s wonderful review:

a phone, an order, a website, a team site time 1 months and 20 days, on-line time to generate a small 2 days of the order, this is not Arabian Nights, this is the charm of SEO. The core of the website is to bring profit to the enterprise, thereby make the enterprise profit. This is what everybody knows, of course, the author is even more clear. When the site produces such benefits, I think this is not just accidental, and then a comprehensive analysis of their own website, found a few more core reasons to share……

following yesterday’s new site on the line, 2 days profit 30 thousand high transformation site construction share, today continue to share with you yesterday, but also the remaining aspects. The main entrance from the site yesterday, the first impression of contact with the user, the user needs to expand the exhibition site theme, enlarged to expounds the reason of high conversion website, today is some core share how to build the chain of dry cargo, high conversion website.

first, let’s see how the author sets up a chain entrance, as follows:


has 4 frames marked above, and the things you want to express are simple. A marketing chain, the first condition is relevant, as above, is the author of a Sina blog, the theme is the Phoenix Town tourist attractions, there are pictures, see the user is interested in Phoenix Town, but most is just to see, but the real users may also be included in the bill among them, this is indeed a great chance, but we could not every flow are made into. But we can make some really interested users into customers.

after doing the above work, we can find some "useful to the user content" to fill their own third party chain interface. What is useful to the user, not some of the false original article put all sorts of things together, not just to manually collect travel articles, these can not be formed into some of the content, I am afraid you are not interested in looking at you, how to let users interested in when we set up a lot of content, and then do a small plate next to the user’s feeling is formal and easy to trust. As on the right hand side of the picture, the Phoenix Town accommodation is the keyword, the dragon and Phoenix residence is the brand word, and it clearly expresses the link pointing to the page, which is the dragon and Phoenix residence inn. Then the user through the click came to the site, no sense of violation, the user is transformed into logical I in the Dragon Inn flow, and for the site to make a contribution. In one fell swoop, the key is whether to do it carefully.


when users enter the author’s Web site, the eye (as above) is the website of the inn introduction, clear and detailed description of what we do, what can be done, what is the advantage?