Brief, look at today’s business bigwigs like the initial start-up

Lenovo started in the Chinese Academy of Sciences in a low front, the New Oriental office as early as 10 square meters of illegal buildings in the air, Liu Qiangdong began to put on the counter in Zhongguancun, Tencent is a local incubator Penguin Dance Studio, Ma Yun buy a new four bedroom is the first Alibaba office…… The houses were small and humble, but they had heavy dreams.

Lenovo: there can be out of large international companies

1984 Institute of computing investment is 200 thousand yuan RMB, by Liu Chuanzhi with 10 research personnel, a total of 11 people to start a business in a rented lodge in the Chinese Academy of sciences. 31, Liu Chuanzhi recalled the scene at the time: we respond to the call of the president of the Academy of Sciences, the Chinese Academy of Sciences, how to achieve a high-tech industrialization of the road out of the road of Zhou Guangzhao."

31 years ago, Liu Chuanzhi led the beginning of the beginning of the 10 researchers in this room

Lenovo headquarters today

HUAWEI: simple room to do the office, the warehouse is the staff quarters

1987, HUAWEI’s first office is located at two shelters on the Gulf of Shenzhen, the building was located on every floor of the warehouse are actually type houses. HUAWEI took up more than and 10 warehouses. In the warehouse at the other end of the wall with bricks, separated by a number of single rooms, employees live in these rooms. Ren Zhengfei was 43 years old. The business of this experience, he recalls: "(from the army) into place, can not adapt to the commodity economy, nor the ability to control it, I started in an electronic company as a manager also planted a somersault, being deceived. Then there is nowhere to work, was forced to create HUAWEI."

Ren Zhengfei at the age of 43 in Shenzhen bay two simple room founded HUAWEI

HUAWEI Shenzhen headquarters

touch the skyNew Oriental

: out of 10 square meters of illegal buildings


November 1993, New Oriental office started in only 10 square meters of air leakage of illegal construction, this is the first New Oriental office. There was only Yu Minhong and his wife, two employees, and the true meaning of the first batch of members of the team is a group of a dozen forty or fifty year old laid-off workers, to help their classroom management, New Oriental cleaning, printing and processing all kinds of social relations. In the human society, often great people are not physically strong to win, but their spirit is strong enough." Yu Minhong believes that entrepreneurs should have a strong enough spirit.

Yu Minhong was the teacher of

for students in the 10 square meters of illegal buildings in the air

is located in Beijing Zhongguancun New Oriental building

Tencent: Penguin hatch