How should exchange links with others


many new webmaster and dare not exchange friendship links, they don’t know what links are good, which links are not good, some webmaster even don’t know what links have to use instead of exchange. When a new webmaster know the exchange Links use immediately and before instead, they dare to exchange Links, but switched to numb, no matter what type of website, the level of weight, the other site is has the potential to these are not going to see, even a new website Links reached more than 40 a. What should be the proper exchange of links? What kind of links is good? Today, Peng Jian share with you the experience of exchanging links.

exchange links can improve the PR value and weight of the site,


exchange Links literally means we can know is a double link, if the exchange Links can improve the PR value of the site and the weight of words, that is one part of the said, we are now in the PR value to carry on the analysis. Now I use Peng’s blog and bad egg gift street these two sites into the exchange of friendship links to cite examples, the two sides of the PR value as shown below:


Peng Jian blog PR value (


bad egg gift Street PR value (

check out from the above two of the total value of PR webmaster tools can be seen, Peng Jian’s blog the PR value is 4, outbound links 12, the output value of RP 0.43. egg gift Street bad guy PR value of 1, for the 10 link, the PR output value of 0.24.

from these values we can analyze, as long as the Peng Jian’s blog and gift exchange Links bad guy egg street, Peng Jian’s blog will get bad guy egg output 0.24PR gift street value, but also to the 0.43PR value to the bad guy egg gift street. Calculation, we can find that, after exchange of friendship links, not only did not get PR value improvement, and will lose 0.19 of the PR value. On the contrary, bad eggs gift Street will get 0.19 of the PR value.

So if the

exchange Links can improve the PR value of the site or the weight of words, it is the unilateral website, in exchange Links to each other, each other drive included.

exchange friendship link is not to choose high PR value of the site,


if this sentence is used to determine whether a friendship link is worth exchanging, that’s a big mistake. We can see that Google’s PR value from many places is calculated as follows: (1 – 0.85) + 0.85 >