Haier day Shun to large distribution cut into the local community O2O

facing the subversion of the Internet, the traditional industry should go from here,


I, the dark horse, found Zhang Ruimin thinking about the question: how does Haier create a new business model that delivers price wars and gives users real value?

his first choice is day by day, through the big logistics, this threshold is very high, cut into the community O2O, and users frequently interact, build community integrated service platform.

this article from the Economic Observer newspaper, through this article can better understand Haier’s O2O idea.

Before getting the investment of Alibaba,

has been "holding" by Haier all the time. So that when the media reporters on the introduction of this company, more just as a big commodity logistics company Haier. "This year, the daily average income of business is about 2 billion 900 million yuan."." Sina’s report reads.

but in fact, it has long been a colossus. In order to goodaymart as the main body of the Hong Kong listed companies, Haier Electronics (Haier manufacturing business focused on another mainland listed companies in Qingdao Haier’s annual report in 2013, integrated services business channels (in addition to logistics and distribution service, customer service, etc.) the income is 27 billion 160 million yuan. This is even slightly beyond the same channel as a big – known Gome – the latter in the first half of last year’s income of 27 billion 100 million yuan.


Ali is speeding up all this, Haier group retirement President Zhou Yunjie told reporters that "from the beginning of last year, three years, every day in the CIS investment will be close to 20 billion yuan, which is not only the US and Ali, there will be a lot of social capital to enter."

is probably the "next Haier" in Zhang Ruimin’s dream". Some years ago, when he thought to subvert Haier how to deal with the Internet, and how to set up a new can get rid of a price war, to provide users with the real value of business model, his first choice is not their own very strong traditional home appliance business. "Ali has controlled the payment link through e-commerce, we can not go beyond, the only possibility is delivery."." Zhou Yunjie said.

goodaymart logistics company general manager Wang Zhenggang said: "the first is to deliver large logistics, second is to provide installation services, installation fast 20 minutes long to more than 1 hours, this is a good opportunity to interact with the user, which other companies have such opportunities and platforms


therefore, Haier in Japan put into Shun looks almost crazy, because even if it is early to enter the big logistics SF and Debon, also walked gingerly. In this area where there is no standard, especially in the cities below three lines, it is an incredible thing to build a logistics network in the villages and towns.

"but this is our" flow ", must hold the entrance, this is.