How to select a free virtual host and its five considerations

generally speaking, the virtual host is to divide the resources (system resources, network bandwidth, storage space, etc.) of a server (or a group of servers) into a number of relatively independent small hosts". Each of these "small hosts" is functionally capable of implementing basic Internet services such as WWW, FTP, and Mail, just like using an independent host. Although now the charge of the virtual host is full of street, cheap also seems a lot, but sometimes in need or other choice, free virtual host has become a lot of people do the choice of station. So what should we pay attention to when choosing a free virtual host:


1. The stability of space

The stability of

is the choice of free space most of the attention, if a site space is not stable, will lead to the search engine spiders can’t grab web content, and search engine will not index to your web page. The direct consequence of this is that the site is dropped by search engines and even dropped by K. So, when choosing free space, we must choose stable. I have been using the portal 2G Almighty free space, the portal space using the technology of server cluster architecture will be adopted by the portal, with my use effect and experience, the stability of the portal is guaranteed.

two, size and function of space

now offers G’s large, stable space service providers, not many, and those so-called "unlimited size" free space is purely talked about. But a lot of free space and the N limit, many still do not support MySql or SQL Server database, but also not let forum program and so on, it almost indirectly refused us to use the current mainstream programs, such as a variety of CMS and DW database support forum. By contrast, I suggest you use the portal free space, space initial size portal for 2G days after, can also apply to a large space according to the demand, this is very humane. And the portal to provide the universal space, then PHP, ASP, ASP.NET, CGI and MySql or SQL Server, Access database is certainly support, I use this period of time, which are good to say.

three, space traffic problem

now a lot of fees will be limited to the flow of space, of course, free space is no exception. If the site’s traffic exceeds the limit, it will cause the web page to not display. This is also a great impact on the development of the site, so I suggest you in the choice of free space, it is best to choose those who give us a large flow or unlimited traffic space.

four, space provider

When choosing a free space for

, we should also choose a good service provider, which will provide a strong service for the stable operation of your website