Constantly copy their success, so that the interests of the owners maximize

The so-called

owners have different interests of different concepts, people do a station you can live very moist, and some people do a bunch of station is still poor food, because the starting point of each person is different and even different point too much, a website to earn 100 easy, but if you want to put him in short time expanded ten times to earn enough one thousand is very difficult, even not simply pay you now ten times to such a simple calculation, so how can we break the bottleneck of the maximum benefit to achieve the maximization of benefits, the heart will think of their views, is to replicate its success.

to duplicate their success, but the exact use webmaster who is to "copy" their own website, said here is certainly not a pure sense of the kind of copy copy copy of your idea of success but this website, copy the successful experience of this website so as to establish a new website. For example a 1000IP website is not too difficult, but if you do ten thousand IP not every webmaster can do things, but we can change train of thought, 1000*10 is also equal to 10 thousand, but also relatively easy, so we did not try it, and tries to establish a website, here to remind is this site you don’t copy a domain name on the matter or do a number of similar sites, that will only make you into a boring cycle inside the circle.

if you do a similar weight loss ( of the site, is to rely on the search optimization to get good traffic, then your second website can do another type of site, try to do different types of websites, promotion methods, operation mode, and even different ways of earnings. Because it can also make you not tired, get updates say a little circle is so much content, and your own website are accounted for a large part, but it was from the resource update the same type of website N multiple websites, I can’t imagine you can how long, we operate different types, even different operation way of the website will not only make you feel boring machine, also the price risk of your site, and not because of you Some of the promotion was the punishment of the search sometimes causes all of the site also punished, different profit model can also avoid the failure because of profit model of a web site and let their income all become zero, for example, all the sites you are relying on GG, and all of the sites are on a GG, if a a website violation is K then the whole will be compromised.

this way not only increase the income, but also the price risk, if one of the sites you have no money, support other sites, so as not to your life and continue to operate a fatal blow, in fact, there are too many web predecessors are run every kind of website, perhaps every webmaster are different the specific type of website, for you will depend on.