3 months of experience

asked for leave today, while he was free to come to the station to write about his mood.

I am an internship period in the Junior, three months before I get my meals made a forum (Graphic house www.txtx5.com), before I put my position in the station engaged in the design and learning design among the crowd, while the school holiday is a day get up, to Post Bar, QQ group, Forum promotion my site, but not always increase and even members of the Forum Forum in addition to my post, no one will go to the post, wrong, it should be said that post, because I did not open the forum verification code is often the mass software attack harm every day I delete posts. To delete the unimportant, originally included a good search engine has been deleted but since ShanTie is down right, finally by Baidu K. Originally intended not to do, and later thought of as a webmaster, the site is his soul, I can not do without him, I want to save him (rescue method, I have made a site in 30 days to build PR1 site article). Finally, the search engines are again included, I have got my spirit, as usual in the Post Bar Design Forum QQ group do publicity although often blocked IP T out of the group, but I was IP, after today, continue tomorrow, I finally opened QQ members directly built 2 in group Post Bar hair trick novice, so I often appear in Post Bar forum traces, so that period of time from Post Bar flow and many also increased a lot, gradually the number of up posting is also up, in a word, want to do, Guizaijianchi! As Ma said: "today is brutal, more brutal tomorrow, the day after tomorrow is beautiful" to do, every time I hold on, even if I work in the company also had time to SITE today included no see flow growth did not see Look at the rate of return visits and the growth trend of the rankings. I am in the QQ group, Post Bar large forum, the shuttle at night, in order not to let it die tomorrow in the way I insisted has persisted, although every morning before sleep for second days to get up early to work, but I didn’t feel tired, but feel very cool, how do you say at the forum every day there are dozens of people to join that feeling is really very cool! Although the daily IP is only about 350, but ALEXA three months has soared from more than 900 W to about 2000000 now, from PR=0 to PR=1 to feel all this really not easily won.

The theme of the forum

so far only more than 800 articles (original than Reprint), Baidu included 690 (Baidu really black!) more than 3300 GG articles have included every other, from search engines only 40 other IP are basically rooted in my forum members, because the online number IIS super very old included, so recently I also spent more than 200 yuan to upgrade the space, feel better now, and tell the novice like me webmaster, want to do, do not covet cheap to buy space, the best big companies to buy such as Lanmang >