By radio and television TV commercials ban talk about nternet remediation, one size fits all is lik

yesterday, a news was received wide attention and discussion. SARFT issued a "radio and television broadcast advertising management approach" Supplementary Provisions ", the decision since January 1, 2012, the national television broadcast TV, every TV sets shall not in any form of advertising spots, and TV stations at all levels immediately clean up and removed in 2012 for TV advertising time, re programming and advertising. All the time, TV commercials have been a headache. Especially in medicine, TV shopping advertisements, not only advertising time is long, and there are serious false propaganda, misleading consumer behavior, for audio-visual experience has a very serious impact. Be widely criticized by TV viewers. Many people also suffer even caused a lot because of celebrity endorsements false advertising lawsuit damages the interests of consumers. The TV commercials ban this year, from next year, the domestic TV commercials will probably disappear, but the impact of television advertising and problems still exist.

for TV commercials ban, the TV audience is well-known for television, certainly secretly crying. Insert ads are currently Jiangsu TV, Tianjin TV advertising department responsible person before the date has been the first announced the cancellation of the drama in. According to estimates within the line, once the implementation of this regulation, television stations across the country are expected to lose no less than 20 billion yuan. By radio and television, TV commercials ban can not help but think of the Internet in recent years against illegal information carried out a series of rectification, which has many similarities. Similarly, there are good intentions, the process of one size fits all, can not cure the consequences.

the one size fits all is likely to bring about a shift in consequences,

TV commercials Ban’s introduction, its original intention is very correct. The lessons learned from the past more than 20 years the development of domestic TV, willing to sacrifice part of the interests of television, but also to protect the good audio-visual television audience experience, in order to ensure the long-term development of television in the Internet and other new media under the impact of. The Internet regulation goal is to purify the Internet environment, strict regulation of illegal bad sites, sacrificing some regular site interests, ensure the interests of users and entrepreneurs to improve a better business environment, promote innovation and long-term development of the internet. However, whether it is TV commercials ban or Internet remediation, remediation efforts on how much too severe, or even across the board. This is likely to bring about the consequences of the shift. We can not completely eradicate the negative effects of TV drama advertisements and illegal Internet information. Even to some extent, it limits the normal trend of development.

in recent years, advertising as the main source of income for television, does make a lot of television to achieve breakthrough in revenue, earned pours, completely banned TV commercials, probably for some operating formats better television, but less profitable, but not catastrophic consequences, such as CCTV. Hunan satellite TV, etc.. But for some of the poor performance of local operations, small and medium television, but the fight is fatal. Some television programs that rely mainly on TV commercials to maintain operations are likely to get into trouble. One size fits all ban on TV shows