How to smooth the furniture to the countryside, the two weapons to bring you rich

in the first tier and second tier city competition is very intense, many friends took rural this piece of Feng shui. Indeed, the purchasing power of rural areas is gradually increasing. With the saturation of the one or two markets as well as the development of the market of the three or four, the first line of products to the countryside must be put on the agenda. The first line of furniture brands to go to the countryside smoothly, we must grasp these two weapons: teams and products.

the first weapon: team

to broaden the channelsIn fact, many brands are:

need to broaden the channels of brand to provide professional team, fieldwork selecting dealers as the carrier, in order to go to the countryside. If there is no team to spend time and effort to understand the actual situation of the three or four markets and distributors, furniture brands to the countryside this is difficult to open the channel.

brand promotion

find "support", the most difficult is the promotion of furniture to the countryside. The three or four class city of consumer brand awareness awareness is relatively low, do not understand the "who are you", plus the decentralized market, it is difficult to find the target customers, how to let consumers know the city down a big man. ". This requires a dedicated team to do, can not rely on local dealers to revitalize, hope for many years to promote the cultivation of the market, until it will be, the yellow flowers are cool. Opening promotion, advertising, campaign rally, blasting organizations are still able to play a role in the three or four cities, the marketing team in the dealer before and after the opening of the need to increase efforts to promote and guide dealers to carry out.

maintenance channel

many brands to find dealers after the sinking, due to the lack of professional maintenance team, as dealers in the barbaric growth, the market is difficult to make up the emerge of itself and perish of itself. There is a professional team, sink targeted strong, give the dealer more help policy. For example, in the recommended