Grassroots Adsense do e-commerce, more self questioning way to find the answer

some people say that e-commerce is the trend of the future development of the Internet, to meet the needs of the house at home consumer life, leaving home, everything easy to get. For grassroots Adsense, the occupation of e-commerce heights, in order to have a place in the internet. Just a lot of people suffer from the "no entry", still hovering outside the e-commerce.

August 19th Admin5 A5 version of the chat forum Thursday activities, invited energy-saving Deputy General Li Hu, together to discuss the topics and experience in electronic commerce. This part of the finishing baby quiz, welcome to discuss.

: what is e-commerce? Is there a specific concept? Selling things online is the most common way, isn’t it?

: I don’t love "Professor" level of the answer, you still yunliwuli. In popular terms, e-commerce is the whole process of selling online. This process can be imagined as a chain. Products, procurement, logistics, distribution, personnel management, network technology are all the links. What we usually call Internet marketing is the technology of selling things on the Internet. Internet marketing is a part of e-commerce, but it is the most important part.

asked: energy-saving, feeling is very similar to the Alibaba, which is a similar platform for Alibaba? See the site user information is not need to charge? This site can introduce


A: do e-commerce is built in the same house, is the "Bauhaus" style, appearance design is square (just to meet the user’s habits), but the inner house is not the same, such as a comfortable, warm sense of belonging, etc.. In fact, each platform has its own unique business model, this is the soul of the platform. We have our own souls. We are not repeating the path of others, but taking the "socialist road with distinctive features". I believe that one day I can share the soul of the people with you.

asked: "Admin5 A5 interview interview: Dialogue Baina network operations director Li Hu said" our network was established in 2005, has been for several years, the site began operating a company’s mode? Website which has experienced the difficulties in the initial stage? Can specific say from one user to one hundred a user of this


answer: from the beginning of our network is in the mode of operation of the company, this is an e-commerce platform at least if conditions, how to let users trust you? The initial stage of the site we encountered many bottlenecks, we do a comprehensive e-commerce portal, destined for us the road to the hardships than others. As for the accumulation of users is a long process, our network from a user to the one hundred user is very short, but to maintain the one hundred users is very difficult, you must all starting from the user if a platform is developed to a certain scale, one hundred users are still in front of the support.