From Cai Wensheng in the A5 version of micro-blog micro-blog power

June 3rd, Master Wang Cai Wensheng at the A5 Forum on the topic of micro-blog and the webmaster webmaster in-depth exchanges, present situation, prospect, promotion and other topics of micro-blog’s active participation in the discussion, this version has a total of more than 3000 hits, has achieved obvious effect on.


, micro blog (MicroBlog) abbreviation, is a relationship based on user information sharing, dissemination and access platform, the user can through the WEB, WAP and a variety of customer sidecomponent community update information to about 140 words of text and instant sharing. The earliest and most famous micro-blog was the twitter in the United States, which has blocked the site. According to related public data, as of 2010 January, the product already has 75 million registered users worldwide.

2009 August China largest portal launched the "Sina micro-blog" beta version, become the first portal to provide micro-blog service website, micro-blog officially entered the Chinese Internet mainstream crowd vision, then the Tencent portal also launched a way to invite Tencent micro-blog, from the stars to ordinary users have registered micro-blog update your personal information.

in the 2010 Internet webmaster general assembly, Zhou Hongyi and Cai Wensheng all Internet heavyweights like micro-blog, micro-blog said through exchange is the best way of expression, micro-blog is the future of marketing, whether it is personal or business owners should pay attention to the micro-blog company. And Zhou Hongyi is through micro-blog and Kingsoft Corp launched a series of "war of words", Kingsoft Corp called "despicable company". Zhou Hongyi and I do not want to Kingsoft Corp which is right and which is wrong and have no interest in asking, but Zhou Hongyi’s words "in the Sohu micro-blog made a more than 40 micro-blog, Jinshan market value dropped 6 hundred million, a value of 150 million micro-blog." But poured out the mighty power of micro-blog, and the chairman of the Tencent Inc board of directors and CEO Ma Huateng also answered questions from micro-blog users, the problem involves the Tencent development strategy, micro-blog and other product operations and other topics.

Master Wang Cai Wensheng is love by micro-blog and the Internet industry friends and Sina opened micro-blog Adsense exchange, in the short period of time less than 2 months, micro-blog released more than 400, fans reached 120 thousand people, in June 1st, Cai Wensheng is encouraged to actively participate in micro-blog webmaster people by giving the form of iPad, if Cai Wensheng micro-blog spokesman did not exaggerate.

why these Internet heavyweights pay so much attention to micro-blog? Micro-blog will not be like SNS is the author of micro-blog flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum? The future market will be very big, mainly has 3 aspects: one is the current micro-blog portal (Sina and Tencent) in the operation of the promotion, Sina’s media is very powerful, Tencent is a large group of users, I believe that by virtue of their advantage and strength to push up in micro-blog China; two with the development of 3G, mobile phone users will become increasingly large, because micro-blog has the characteristics of fast spread, the future will be a lot of users through the mobile phone to send micro-blog; "