Discussion on the problem of updating the website snapshot

site snapshot is not updated, has become a webmaster recently enthusiastic discussion of the problem, today on the strategy to come up with their own case to share with you:


the Hainan wedding travel – with most webmaster website snapshot does not go, let me very depressed ah, is the precursor of a web site is down right? Many webmaster website is snapshot stays at No. 21, No. 24, No. 29, 28 or so, my site is around 28 No. don’t move.

even though I update every day and most of them are original, the snapshot remains the same. Or a little movement did not, let me what to do? I analyzed my site, see a lot of the site is down right, this might hurt my site, I quickly removed, but to remind the webmaster is a can not get rid of it too much, it will not good so, I once removed 3, and the proportion of this connection you don’t to be, I have found 3 PR5 sites to be connected during this period, his article the frequency of updates soon, send an original articles in a few hours will be included, and his website links to my website is a great help. Then increase the quality and quantity of updates every day.

said on Wednesday that Baidu would update it and update it by Thursday. My website is not updated snapshot on Wednesday also not included, webmasters may reflect their websites are included in this update, let me anxious, do I really want to site is down right? But I come this morning when I found the query website, my website update but, ranking also has a greatly improved.


before the Hainan wedding in 60 Baidu keyword, now my site in Baidu’s 30 or so, it makes me very happy, but not what changes included the amount of the website, but today’s snapshot stays at No. 6, rather than 13. It’s depressing. It is estimated that Baidu’s update is only a return. And keep on watching.

through Baidu this adjustment, I summarized the following few Baidu snapshot not update method:

1, may be your site has been implicated by other sites (links are not normal site), for now, the snapshot is not normal site, do not exchange links)

2, the number and quality of your site can not be updated (without regularity, such as: Today update 10 pseudo original, tomorrow update 5 original. That doesn’t suit Baidu’s appetite.


3 does not have high quality external links (note the persistent rise, stability)

4, persistence is victory.

if you do not, you do not update the snapshot (of course, everything is not absolute, after all we do, grab a chair on the domain of others) here, hope the webmaster to manage web site, Baidu will usher in the second.