Analysis of customer relationship management in Network Era

with the rapid development of Internet and the maturity of the market, the world economy has entered the era of e-commerce. Products and services are getting smaller and smaller. The market strategy, with production as the center and selling products as the goal, has gradually been replaced by customer centered and service oriented market strategy. Who can grasp the customer demand trends, strengthen the relationship with customers, and effectively explore and manage customer resources, who can gain market competitive advantage, in an invincible position in the fierce competition.

1. Connotation of customer relationship management

in today’s Internet age, more and more enterprises begin to realize the importance of customer to enterprise operation and its later development. Enterprises begin to pay attention to the role of customers in the whole production and marketing supply chain. Customer Relationship Management (Customer Relationship, Management, CRM) is a continuously strengthen the communication with customers, to understand customer needs, and constantly for products and services to meet customer and improve the needs of continuous process. It is a customer centric business strategy, a unity of philosophy, technology and implementation. Its connotation is that enterprises use information technology (IT) and Internet technology to achieve integrated marketing of customers. It is the technical realization and management realization of enterprise marketing with customers as the core. Customer relationship management focuses on communication with customers. The business is customer centric rather than traditional or market centric. To facilitate communication with customers, customer relationship management can provide customers with a variety of channels of communication.

according to the different core needs of enterprises, enterprise customer relationship management will focus on the target. Generally, the enterprise to implement customer relationship management goal is to provide fast high-quality services to attract new customers and retain old customers, through information sharing and smooth business processes, comprehensive management and reduce the cost of enterprises; through the company’s sales, marketing and customer service professionals to provide comprehensive, personalized customer data. Strengthen the enterprise to the customer tracking and service capabilities, so as to establish a personalized customer relationship between enterprises and customers, improve customer satisfaction and loyalty, thereby maximizing the interests of the enterprise and customer value; comprehensive management of enterprises through a variety of relationships with customers, enterprise organizational structure and establish a rapid response to the customer as the center, standard, product and service design, establishing customer centered workflow and customer driven And expand the profit share.

two, the role of customer relationship management in the Internet age

as everyone knows in nowadays highly flood information, environment, information update speed, it is easy to carry out the enterprise information to make decisions, in most enterprises, the customer information is not timely and accuracy is the result of enterprise decision can not meet customer needs the fundamental reason. The core concept of CRM is "one-to-one marketing", which is customer centered throughout the customer life cycle.