How to improve Adsense click through experience summary

on improving the click rate of Adsense there are many online SEO tutorials, although they are successful, but it is not suitable for your website. I put my own experience to share with everyone and I hope to help you, by optimizing the Adsense after I hit rate increased from 1% to 5%.

, step 1,

you want to clear their website, that is to say you need to know what your website visitors, boys more than girls, age, consumption ability, what kind of things shopping is relatively strong, in order to understand the real situation, might specifically do a little investigation. Take my own example of my site is a small game online Flash personal blog, the daily traffic of about 500IP, age below 15 years of age, boys are more than girls, visitors to advertising discrimination ability is low, there is a strong curiosity for new things, but generally low purchasing power of.

second step

know the situation of their visitors, it is necessary to put in accordance with the appropriate advertising, specific analysis of specific circumstances, or take my website, for example,.

because visitors young strong curiosity for new things, so for the advertisement text on the picture, the connection for them is not attractive, so I put two 250*250 rectangular Adsense ads and a 468*60 Adsense banner advertising. Then we should choose keywords, keywords is certainly the first major game this is no doubt, so I chose the keywords of a rectangular ads and banner ads is the game, the second key words would come from the analysis of visitor interest, you must always understand, no one will be willing to click on ads, the only thing he wants, he will go to click, consider the children’s interest. I set second keywords for the animation.

third step

next, we’re going to place ads. It’s very important. Good location can make your Adsense click rate rise a lot, or analyze it from a visitor’s point of view. Continue using my website for example,.

because of my site is the online games, so visitors generally stay longer, but the concentration is relatively high, so we should put ads to the content near, get as close as possible, so I chose the surrounding type, with the three kinds of advertisement content surrounded, so that it can attract visitors to the greatest extent.



can be seen from the article, I emphasize the analysis is the visitors, only you know the visitors, to the maximum possible to cater to their interest, for they click on their own advertising. It’s just a bit of my own experience, perhaps you have not helped, but you want to use, analysis of their visitors who do, the main passenger dynamic >